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mel_gabriel_singingMelody” Shantala Sacco (38) is certified teacher for community-dance (Laban, London) and has extensively studied body-awareness (Improvisation-dance, Thai massage, Body-mind-centering). She is Italian and has lived and worked in London for 10 years.

“Gabriel” Mag. Roland Kissling (44) is web-specialist, coach and book author. His interests in spirituality and a free life has leaded him for many years to Egypt, England and Italy.

We are currently living with our son Leon (1) in Barcelona. If you want to read about our adventures, visit www.gypsy-trio.com

We have both been part of intensive-retreats, where we discovered our deepest essence. We met THERE, and we want to continue to live intensively our truth.

To meet each other, we had to confront ourselves with our deepest pain and give a strong “yes” to us and to life. Together we have created our common dream about a family and adventurous traveling.

Our common mission is to live as intense as possible and to show other people paths into their deepest being and potential.


Please be aware that we are neither a doctor, nor a psychologist or Guru. All contents derive from personal experience or teachings that we have inquired by ourselves. Please don’t consider them as the ultimate truth and always check yourself.
You are practising all exercises on this homepage on your own risk. There is no guarantee for the effects described.

You know: YOU DECIDE.


I would like to express my gratitude for the energy and inspiration of the Austrian mountains, the Sinai desert and the British Canals, which have led me to amazing insights and experiences. I thank the Austrian people, my mother Waltraud and father Roland, and my friends, which have supported me with their love. I want furthermore to thank Edda Buresch, under which guidance I had my first awakening experience. I thank Mag. Claudia Dieckmann, which has shown me ways of energetic healing, Paul Ferrini for his healing words, Kurt Kickinger for bringing me close to my own genius, Michael Adam who was guiding me through death, Menhir & Sherazade who showed me who I am, Carl-Peter Strommer for healing through family-constellations, Eckhart Tolle, Benito Massaro, Adyashanti & Gangaji for being the truth, Stephen Covey for showing me the most powerful steps for personal growth, Alison Sheridan and the Performance Consultants London for teaching me how to be a good coach, and Esther Wolf for holding a healing space for the heart.
Furthermore Sabine Lippitsch, Yvette Huber and Kurt Schöpflin for reviewing the first manuscript of “Mehr Energie tanken”.
All my love is with my partner Melody Shantala Sacco for her ongoing support and my ex-wife Henriette Kissling for her lovely and funny illustrations in the book.

Friends & Partners:

Weltmenschverein www.weltmenschverein.net

Carl-Peter Strommer (Familienstellen), www.familienstellen-strommer.com

Esther Wolf, www.estherwolf.at

Michael Adam (Inneres Kind) www.sonnenscheinseminare.at

Bernadette Orth und Gerald Kobiersky www.lichtkraeuterhof.at

Edda Buresch (Inneres Kind)

Leandra Carthy-Braunsberger (Shiatsu): www.sigridcarthy.com

Claudia Dieckmann (Pranaheilen) www.energie-institut.com

Irene Drela (Shiatsu, TCM) shiatsu-online.at

Kurt Kickinger (Trommelbau und Lebens-Schulung) www.trommel.at, www.mistel.at

Mitter (Biokiste nach Hause): www.mitters-oeko-kiste.at

Hubert Leitenbauer (Pranaheilen und Selbsthypnose) www.pranichealing.at

*Virginia* (Be happy) www.glueckshomepage.net

Dahab am Sinai (energetischer Platz, hu!) Hotels, Divecenters, Surfschools on Dahab-Info.com

Esoterik-Forum für Akademiker und Anspruchsvolle www.Similon.at

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Mag. Roland “Gabriel” Kissling
50a Crowland Road
N15 6UU, London
United Kingdom

gabriel AT solnet . at[:]

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