Awake NOW – Online Retreat

What is awakening ?

Online retreatAwakening is a natural process that will happen to every human, sooner or later. It’s about returning home. It’s the one thing you are searching for your entire life.

There is no way of achieving it through an exercise or training.

It happens through the strong, natural desire to discover life’s true purpose and your own nature (who am I?), and leaving everything else behind. You literally walk through a door … All your beliefs about yourself will go naturally. Its about saying yes to your experience here on earth, and allowing everything to happen without resistance. We call this the “surrender”.

Nobody can teach you awakening or enlightenment, because there is nothing to learn. Suddenly you see that the key is already in your hands. When you see who you are, you repossess what’s already yours. And your search has ended.

Contents of the online retreat

Every day you will receive an email with 2 video sessions (2-4 hours), a daily exercise, and an exercise before sleep. All of them are from enlightened teachers – they will support and trigger your process of awakening. We are not able to actually ‘give’ or ‘teach’ you anything; rather encourage you to discover the truth that is already there.


Chapter 1: Discover who you really are

Chapter 2: Discover the power of the mirror

Chapter 3: Open your heart

Chapter 4: Surrender to truth

Chapter 5: Say “yes” to your experience

Chapter 6: Discover the joy of being

Chapter 7: Inquiry into the Truth


Interviews about Awakening Experiences

Ideally you should do the course when:

  • you are alone on holiday for 2-7 days in an inspiring environment. The first 2 days are very intensive – if you cannot get a holiday for the whole time, choose at least a free weekend to start.
  • you are undisturbed by email, phone, books, etc.
  • you have the opportunity to make walks into nature
  • Attention: You have to be online to see the contents.

Online Support

We are a group of people who have gone through the process of awakening – each of us in a very different way. We are in contact with each other, living our lives in surrender to the here and now. Some of us are spiritual teachers doing retreats, some are living “ordinary” lives. None of us are members of a religion or sect.  If you want to talk about upcoming issues during the course, contact us. Usually we support you on a donation basis.

WARNING! Awakening will not:

– stop your experience on this planet

– make you superior to other people

– stop you from experiencing negative emotions and situations

– give you a special knowledge to increase your personal power

– heal you


– its irreversable. Once you jump on the train, you ride it.


it will give you the opportunity to experience a point from where all the dramas in your life become less dominant.

You will feel more and more RIGHT and HOME – no matter where you are.

And: Your search for yourself will end.

Feel like Neo in Matrix, being offered the red and the blue pill. (See this scene here on Youtube)

So .. are you ready to see?

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