Awakening nowWelcome!

Thank you for registering to the awakening online course.

From the start date you entered, you will receive 7 packages, one per day over a period of one week.

If you have the opportunity we recommend you practise intensive retreat:

– Choose a quiet and inspiring place if possible
– Take a holiday for a full week – or start at least with a free weekend.
– Don’t read or watch TV. Switch off your phone and computer – except to watch the packages 🙂
– Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs

Each daily package consists of a set of online-videos (1-4 hours), and exercises. Attention! You have to be online to view all contents.

Practise the exercises as described. Use your free time to walk in nature. Relax. Be. If you miss videos or exercises, don’t mind. Its not about the content, it’s more about your passion to see.

Be prepared to walk through negative emotions:
During this course you will necessarily experience also negative feelings and emotions. When you move slowly to an aware and alert presence, you might see situations of your past, or you might have negative feelings that make you uncomfortable. Be determined to stay with these emotions, as long as they are here. Dont push them away, let them stay with you. They are an important part of your journey.

During your journey you can ask yourself the following important questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What was always there?
  • What do I really want?
  • What is never changing?

At every point of this course, during the exercises or videos, a strong presence within you can arise, an inner recognition and deep “rightness”, “silence” and “spaciousness” – and it could be that you can fully say “yes” to your experience in this moment.
This can happen in many different ways – it may suprise you.
When you reach this point, stop whatever you are doing, and make a relaxed walk.
Whatever you encounter on this walk will tell you how deep your “yes” already is.
Let it deeply fulfill you, and embrace it as your very nature. Stay open to let it happen all the time.
After this moment you will know the answer of the question “who am I?” by heart, and you know that your search has ended.

If you should come into an extremly emotional or confused state of mind, eat or drink something with a lot of sugar. Do something practical, make a walk, sleep early and stop the course at this point. If your condition doesn’t change, go to a specialist.

We wish you an intensive and liberating experience.

May the force be with you, and .. See you!

You are welcome to arrange a Skype appointment at anytime to discuss upcoming issues:

awakening @ solnet