Chris Hebard ‘The Journey To Stillness Speaks’
After a series of strokes of fate Chris experienced a complete breakdown, space, peace and disorientation, and a loss of thoughts and identity.

Ananta “Waking up to your essence”
During her stay in jail in Japan Ananta experienced a strong shift and later found in a retreat with Colana in India

Eckhart Tolle On His Awakening (2012)
Eckhart Tolle, famous teacher of the moment, explains in detail his awakening and inner experiences.

Bede Griffiths
In 1990 Father Bede Griffiths suffered a near fatal stroke that was to change his life. He experienced an extraordinary transformation. Father Bede went on to a greater understanding of Love, Non-Duality and the importance of the feminine aspects of life – an awakening from the background of a christian perspective.