Awakening nowGood news for everybody: our new Online Retreat is now available FOR FREE!
7 days hand-selected videos and powerful exercises from enlightened masters in simple day by day packages per email.

Allright, but … what is it good for?

The Solnet Online Retreat is designed to lead the subscriber into a powerful 7 day awareness experience. It’s a presence training that can ultimately lead to your awakening. Awakening is a natural process that will happen to every human, sooner or later. It’s about returning home. It’s the one thing you are searching for your entire life.

There is no way of achieving it through an exercise or training. It happens through the strong, natural desire to discover life’s true purpose and your own nature (who am I?), and leaving everything else behind. You literally walk through a door … All your beliefs about yourself will go naturally. Its about saying yes to your experience here on earth, and allowing everything to happen without resistance. We call this the “surrender”.

Nobody can teach you awakening or enlightenment, because there is nothing to learn. Suddenly you see that the key is already in your hands. When you see who you are, you repossess what’s already yours. And your search has ended.

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