matrix kidIn this moment you feel no fear anymore, because you clearly see that there is no fear, there can be no fear. The fear is always in the future, it can’t survive in the now. This is the great struggle of those who fear: to come home to the now. With every fear they run away from it.

The now is infinitely deep, you can get lost in it without thinking. His kingdom are the sounds, smells, the light, the vitality. Everything is already here, nothing more needs to be sought. It’s the end of the journey, and at the same time the very start. Curiosity and wonder accompany him. Soon, you’ll wish he may never end. His tears are hotter, his smile is brighter, and his breath deeper.

And soon you realize: everything ever takes me there! I can’t escape – so let’s stop to make any resistance. Nothing needs to be done. Everything is already here, a rich stream of wonders. Surrender to it. Say yes, and you will be the instrument on which life plays itself.

No matter who you are, what you are doing and you will do in the future .. that holy moment which connects us all, is already there.