Dynamic Meditation by Osho consists of five phases lasting a total of about an hour. It is performed on an empty stomach, preferably with comfortable sports clothes. You can do it on your own, but a stronger effect can occur in a group. In this case forget the others around you though and keep your eyes closed. If you can not make any noise express the catharsis in the second phase only by the movement of your body. In the third phase you can sing the “Huh!” silently inward. Chaitanya Hari (Georg Deuter) has composed matching music.

“This is a meditation in which you have to be awake and alert. Stay focused and don’t lose yourself. While you breathe it can happen easily that you forget about it. You can become one with your breathing so much, that you’ll forget the observer.. But then you’ll miss the essence. Breathe as fast and as deep as possible, utilize all your strength, but still remain an observer. Watch what happens – as if you were a spectator and it would happen to somebody else, as if it everything just happened to your body and consciousness is just watching.
In all three phases, you must stay focussed. And when everything suddenly stops in the fourth phase and you have become completely inactive like frozen – The alertness reached its peak”(to quote Osho Dynamic Meditation)

Instructional video

Phase 1: Wheezing (10 minutes): Breathe rapidly in and out through your nose and focus on enhanced rapid exhaling. The breath should go deep into the lungs. Keep your mouth closed. Breathe as fast as you can, but make sure that breathing remains deep. Inhale as deeply and chaotic as possible and make sure to keep your body, shoulders and neck relaxed. You can put your hands and legs in slight vibration to assist the breathing. Feel the energy rising, but try to keep it within your body at this stage.

Phase 2: Catharsis (10 minutes): Now let go of everything! Explode! Be crazy: Scream, cry, laugh, jump kick or spin around. Hold nothing back, keep your entire body in constant motion. Sometimes it helps to act a little to get into the flow. Be totally in your body.

Phase 3: Skipping (10 minutes): Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed, arms lifted as high as you can, without stretching the elbow completely. Jump up and down with your arms raised. Calls out “Hu”, “Hu”, “Hu” with each lending and do so deep from the gut. Land with your flat foot, heel on the floor. Let the sound of “Hu” deeply affect your sexual chakra. Give it all you have!

Phase 4: stop (15 minutes): Freeze in the position you’re currently holding. Do not move. Watch everything that happens to you as a silent witness to. This is the actual meditation.

Phase 5: Dancing (15 minutes): Celebrate! Express everything in dancing that is there. Dance your vitality – and take it into the day.

Background & Impact:
Increased blood circulation, increased attention (awareness), increased energy, therapeutic effects through the catharsis. Helps to reduce repressed emotions such as anger, hatred, etc., in a healthy way.
Dynamic Meditation is widespread in Europe, well beyond the Osho movement, and the original spiritual background. In psychosomatic clinics and psycho-groups, it has become an integral part. It is also used by therapists to accompany the therapy.