Each step takes about 10 minutes

1. Step
Rhythmically put forth your right hand and your right foot at heart level (lunge). With that exhale all the bad, old and all the flaws away from the heart.
Pull your hand back to your heart and  inhale love, joy and abundance.
Repeat this process with your left hand and left foot.

2. Step
Do a lunge to the side with the right hand and your right foot. With that exhale all the specific, negative situations in your life (eg a bad relationship, a flaw or uncertainty). When pulling back to the heart inhale a specific goal (Prince Charming, Abundance & Wealth, palace, self-confidence).
Repeat this process with your left hand and left foot.

3. Step
Combine Step 1 and 2: Start by using the right hand and foot, then the left hand and foot, first on the right side then on the left.
Then turn around, do the back right and back left until you turned around and end where you began.
During this inhale specific positive things and exhale specific negative things.

4. Step
Spin around like a Dervish; as fast as you manage around your own axis. If you need to do more than two steps out from the center just let yourself down easy. Feel the unity with all life.

5. Step
At the end of the 10 minutes throw a strong and powerful spiritual anchor in both of your feet. Stand in your center and say softly: “I AM”. Stand completely in your center and watch yourself how you live your life in your body.

Source: Michael Adam (www.sonnenscheinseminare.at)