Kreativität Herbst Stilleben (c) M. Großmann /

Play With Found Objects


Kreativität Herbst Stilleben (c) M. Großmann  / pixelio.deTake a relaxed walk and gather material and objects.

Wander … notice what draws itself to your attention: a pigeon’s feather … a stone .. a broken toy .. a rope .. a plastic bottle .. don’t think about what you will use it for, just take it, explore it.

Be awake, alert and let everything come to you. Follow your lightest Impulse and inspiration. See what comes into your hand.

Return home. Choose a work space where you can explore and create.
Linger. See what part of the space draws you, feels friendly and inviting.
Introduce your objects to the work space.

Choose each object and take a closer look .. touch it .. listen to it .. stay quiet and let things happen ..
What qualities draw your attention? What associations and memories arise?
See it as a landscape or an event .. what has just happened?
Discover its stories .. Speak from it’s point of view.

Choose a place for the object. Explore how it wants to go.
slowly .. bring in other objects.
Discover what is needed, moment by moment. If there is no impulse, stay quiet.
Explore how things meet each other .. merge … connect .. oppose .. echo .. cover .. maintain a distance.
Where do I want to put this? What goes with it? … feeling choices.
Feel how the character of things change in interaction with others .. come to life .. being deminished .. ovewhelmed .. change size .. brighten ..
Allow changes and transformations .. a surprise .. associations ..
Feel your body as well as the materials.


Everything we are drawn to or choose spontaneously somehow resonates with us. While discovering it’s qualities, a sense of connection with the object arises. While embarking on a process of exploration, we notice new qualities reflected in the objects, and it’s capacity to change and transform under our gaze. This leads us deaper into our own mystery, mirrowing us the many different qualities and the transformational power within ourselves.

(Source: Miranda Tufnell and Chris Crickmay: A widening field)

Holding the heart

Make friendship with your body


Holding the heartMake a promise to your body, that from now on you will give your best to listen to him and care for him. Tell him what you like on him, that you are thankful for the capabilities he is giving you. Touch him, feel inside your body, inhabit your body fully. As a sign of your new relationship, you can place your hand on your heart.

From now on, listen carefully and deep inside your body to notice the particular, fine sensations he is giving you: when you walk, when you encounter other people, when you eat, when you read, when you make sports.
Establish a love relationship with your body, notice his loving signs and give your best to react in an appropriate way: Use more clothes when he is cold, less when he is hot. Drink when you are thirsty, eat when you are hungry. Choose the drinks and food that your body really asks for, and stop to eat when the hunger is over. Take a rest when your body feels tired. Notice which people attract your body, and walk towards them. Feel how strong your body is, and how much he likes movement and challenge. Give room to activity like walking, hiking, jogging, cycling – whatever you feel attracted for.
If you feel strong, unpleasant emotions, notice where exactly and how they manifest in your body. Does your belly feel tense? Do you contract muscels on your shoulders, neck or legs? Touch these parts of your body lovingly and direct your attention there, without trying to change – just observe.
Feel your muscels during every doing, and also during a rest. If you notice that you hadn’t been caring for your body, dont judge and punish yourself – simply notice, forgive, and continue to care.

mut trainieren

Break lethargia: Become active


Get out of the cycle of nagging thoughts and do something – no matter what, just take the next thing that pops into your mind: Fix something in the house, cook something, do sports, clean up your room. The less mental activity is required to do this, the better. This exercise is not suitable for Workoholics 🙂

Background & Impact:

Almost always our good intentions don’t fail for the lack of ideas but a lack of energy and vigor. We sit or lie around for hours and think about what we should do or already drown in self-pity – the longer we wait, the harder it will get to come out of this circle of ideas and lethargy.
If we do something on the other hand new energy simply flows from – ideally, we’ll go on without much consideration from inspiration to inspiration.

Vision of joy


Active meditation, each step takes about 10 minutes

First step
Imagine in front of you a gate where your beloved goal awaits you. Run on the spot towards this goal. Every 2-3 minutes, you reach a waypoint and joyfully pull your arms into the air like an athlete on the way to victory.

Second step
Raise your hands rhythmically and hurl back, bending the upper body. During the downward movement you scream: Ha, hey, hi, ho, hoo! Switch between aggressive and joyful screams. After four turns stretch put your hands in the air and scream: Yahoooooo! Feel the joy all the way to your head.

Third step
Rotate your upper body rhythmically to the left and right and let your arms dangle free, so they can hit your left and right site of your body. (Thus, the absorbed energy is distributed in the body)

Fourth step
Sit down quietly and sing AOUM. Imagine that you are sitting on the edge of a huge cliff. Monks from a Tibetan monastery sit on the other site and also sing AOUM. Switch the pitch from high to low until you’ve found the right one for you.

Fifth step
Sit quietly in silence.

Source: Gerd.B.Ziegler

Feel your inner body (Eckhart Tolle)


Focus your attention on the inner energy field of your body and feel it, “from within” so to speak. Be in constant connection with your body, feel it as often as possible. If you’re doing other things, try to always feel comfortable with your body. Concentrate on what you’re doing, but at the same time also feel your inner body. Do this whenever it is possible for you – especially if you feel negative emotions.

Background and Effect:
The more awareness you focus on your inner body, the higher its vibrational frequency. This way negativity cannot affect you any more, and you will attract new circumstances in your life, that meet your frequency.

(Source: Eckhart Tolle, The Power of now)

Emotional body exercise (Adam)


Each step takes about 10 minutes

1. Step
Rhythmically put forth your right hand and your right foot at heart level (lunge). With that exhale all the bad, old and all the flaws away from the heart.
Pull your hand back to your heart and  inhale love, joy and abundance.
Repeat this process with your left hand and left foot.

2. Step
Do a lunge to the side with the right hand and your right foot. With that exhale all the specific, negative situations in your life (eg a bad relationship, a flaw or uncertainty). When pulling back to the heart inhale a specific goal (Prince Charming, Abundance & Wealth, palace, self-confidence).
Repeat this process with your left hand and left foot.

3. Step
Combine Step 1 and 2: Start by using the right hand and foot, then the left hand and foot, first on the right side then on the left.
Then turn around, do the back right and back left until you turned around and end where you began.
During this inhale specific positive things and exhale specific negative things.

4. Step
Spin around like a Dervish; as fast as you manage around your own axis. If you need to do more than two steps out from the center just let yourself down easy. Feel the unity with all life.

5. Step
At the end of the 10 minutes throw a strong and powerful spiritual anchor in both of your feet. Stand in your center and say softly: “I AM”. Stand completely in your center and watch yourself how you live your life in your body.

Source: Michael Adam (

Standing meditation


Stand up with your head held high and upright, your hands hanging loosely by your side and your legs about the width of your shoulders apart.
Focus on a point in the environment.
Be aware of your own full power, take full responsibility for all of your experience and make contact with your higher self.
Stay relaxed, but alert and be aware and completely in the moment – so you could  respond on any given event (eg. meeting another person) immediately and with all your strength, determination and love. Respect yourself and all people.
Watch your arising thoughts and feelings. Look at them but don’t fight them and return back into pure perception.
You can do this little exercise every day for 15 min. in complete privacy – or you do it whenever you have time: in the subway, waiting in front of the cashier, etc.

Duration: 15 min
Purpose: Contact your inner power, feel your roots and strengthen your presence presence

Background & Impact:
This exercise is widespread in native and shamanic cultures. We reserve a time to realize a contact with the divine in us with everything that we are. In the proverbial sense we practice, “to stand up for ourselves” and be fully present. This is a very good exercise to strengthen the “inner warrior” in us or from the point of view of the chakras, to strengthen the “base charkra.”

(Source: The fourfold way, Angeles Arrien)

Dynamic meditation (Osho)


Dynamic Meditation by Osho consists of five phases lasting a total of about an hour. It is performed on an empty stomach, preferably with comfortable sports clothes. You can do it on your own, but a stronger effect can occur in a group. In this case forget the others around you though and keep your eyes closed. If you can not make any noise express the catharsis in the second phase only by the movement of your body. In the third phase you can sing the “Huh!” silently inward. Chaitanya Hari (Georg Deuter) has composed matching music.

“This is a meditation in which you have to be awake and alert. Stay focused and don’t lose yourself. While you breathe it can happen easily that you forget about it. You can become one with your breathing so much, that you’ll forget the observer.. But then you’ll miss the essence. Breathe as fast and as deep as possible, utilize all your strength, but still remain an observer. Watch what happens – as if you were a spectator and it would happen to somebody else, as if it everything just happened to your body and consciousness is just watching.
In all three phases, you must stay focussed. And when everything suddenly stops in the fourth phase and you have become completely inactive like frozen – The alertness reached its peak”(to quote Osho Dynamic Meditation)

Instructional video

Phase 1: Wheezing (10 minutes): Breathe rapidly in and out through your nose and focus on enhanced rapid exhaling. The breath should go deep into the lungs. Keep your mouth closed. Breathe as fast as you can, but make sure that breathing remains deep. Inhale as deeply and chaotic as possible and make sure to keep your body, shoulders and neck relaxed. You can put your hands and legs in slight vibration to assist the breathing. Feel the energy rising, but try to keep it within your body at this stage.

Phase 2: Catharsis (10 minutes): Now let go of everything! Explode! Be crazy: Scream, cry, laugh, jump kick or spin around. Hold nothing back, keep your entire body in constant motion. Sometimes it helps to act a little to get into the flow. Be totally in your body.

Phase 3: Skipping (10 minutes): Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed, arms lifted as high as you can, without stretching the elbow completely. Jump up and down with your arms raised. Calls out “Hu”, “Hu”, “Hu” with each lending and do so deep from the gut. Land with your flat foot, heel on the floor. Let the sound of “Hu” deeply affect your sexual chakra. Give it all you have!

Phase 4: stop (15 minutes): Freeze in the position you’re currently holding. Do not move. Watch everything that happens to you as a silent witness to. This is the actual meditation.

Phase 5: Dancing (15 minutes): Celebrate! Express everything in dancing that is there. Dance your vitality – and take it into the day.

Background & Impact:
Increased blood circulation, increased attention (awareness), increased energy, therapeutic effects through the catharsis. Helps to reduce repressed emotions such as anger, hatred, etc., in a healthy way.
Dynamic Meditation is widespread in Europe, well beyond the Osho movement, and the original spiritual background. In psychosomatic clinics and psycho-groups, it has become an integral part. It is also used by therapists to accompany the therapy.

Feel the body – Eutonia


Lie down and relax. Put your attention into any body part you want. Here you can go from top to bottom through the body or choose to go intuitively into certain body parts.
Feel yourself in this part of the body and stay in it. Then touch it with a tiny movement from within or from outside by using a finger stick, stone, etc.
Experience the quality of this body part, let images arise, perceive blockades consciously and solve them in a playful manner.

Background & Impact:
Eutonie (Greek for “good pressure”) is a technique developed by Gerda Alexander‘s body-oriented method that increases the awareness of one’s body. In euthonic empathy a positive experience of your own body is felt and you may be made sensible to use your own body. This will generally also help with being attentive to other people and the environment.



If you’re angry or upset loudly scream your anger out in a suitable location; Don’t hold anything back.

Background & Impact
Hardly any exercise brings your inner energy flow back into balance like screaming does. Screaming releases blocked energy centers and makes the whole body vibrate. Children don’t only cry to get their mother’s attention but also for energetic and mental balance.
Some therapists are love the screaming exercises so much that they prescribe daily hours of screaming to their clients. With this the expression becomes habit and therefore loses its dissolving and liberating character. Best to listen to your inner feeling.

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