Kreativität Herbst Stilleben (c) M. Großmann /

Play With Found Objects


Kreativität Herbst Stilleben (c) M. Großmann  / pixelio.deTake a relaxed walk and gather material and objects.

Wander … notice what draws itself to your attention: a pigeon’s feather … a stone .. a broken toy .. a rope .. a plastic bottle .. don’t think about what you will use it for, just take it, explore it.

Be awake, alert and let everything come to you. Follow your lightest Impulse and inspiration. See what comes into your hand.

Return home. Choose a work space where you can explore and create.
Linger. See what part of the space draws you, feels friendly and inviting.
Introduce your objects to the work space.

Choose each object and take a closer look .. touch it .. listen to it .. stay quiet and let things happen ..
What qualities draw your attention? What associations and memories arise?
See it as a landscape or an event .. what has just happened?
Discover its stories .. Speak from it’s point of view.

Choose a place for the object. Explore how it wants to go.
slowly .. bring in other objects.
Discover what is needed, moment by moment. If there is no impulse, stay quiet.
Explore how things meet each other .. merge … connect .. oppose .. echo .. cover .. maintain a distance.
Where do I want to put this? What goes with it? … feeling choices.
Feel how the character of things change in interaction with others .. come to life .. being deminished .. ovewhelmed .. change size .. brighten ..
Allow changes and transformations .. a surprise .. associations ..
Feel your body as well as the materials.


Everything we are drawn to or choose spontaneously somehow resonates with us. While discovering it’s qualities, a sense of connection with the object arises. While embarking on a process of exploration, we notice new qualities reflected in the objects, and it’s capacity to change and transform under our gaze. This leads us deaper into our own mystery, mirrowing us the many different qualities and the transformational power within ourselves.

(Source: Miranda Tufnell and Chris Crickmay: A widening field)



Drumming is one of the oldest and best known methods to bring the spirit from the left hemisphere of your brain into the right one. Through a rapid, repetitive drum rhythm of 3-7 Hz brain waves adapt to the acoustic stimulus and form a pure sine wave, which is typical for deep meditation and trance states. It is said of this rhythm that it is the heartbeat of Mother Earth. This has now been confirmed by geophysical measurements which have shown an expansion and contraction of the earth in this rhythm. Even mothers who want to soothe their newborns weigh them instinctively in the same rhythm.



Singing expresses pronounced emotional states and frees blockages and tension. The more we sing, the more “it” sings with us until we finally just live in melody and expression and an inner strength begins to grow from the singing. Try it again in the face of a high mountain or a particular situation to sing or write a special song. Give yourself entirely to the expression. By singing we can express our feelings and our present state of mind much better than with our thoughts. The song sets something in us in motion. When we also surrender to feelings of sadness and pain the melody and the song will carry us on and on and leads us to a solution. In singing, we give ourselves to the “Great Spirit”. We do not sing, but “it” sings through us.

Also interesting is the so-called “overtone singing”, which can be found in the meditations of many cultures. It utilizes the phenomenon that while singing a specific sound, a second much higher note is audible. Overtone singing can help the audience to discover more levels of listening.

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