healthy food

Eat healthy food


Buy fruits, vegetables and meat directly from organic producers. If you live in a city, buy your food in organic shops. Eat raw vegetables and fruits from time to time. Avoid industrial food and too much meat, especially pork. Choose brown sugar and sea-salt instead of industrial sugar and salt.

The MPREIS foodcircle is based on recommendations from the Austrian Society for nutrition (ÖGE).

healthy food

Background and effect:
Food with high energy is free of germs and chemical toxins and contains a lot of prana energy. Because the soils are thinned out during decades of over-fertilization, food from the supermarkets contains just little Prana. An analysis of data from the Black Forest Sanatorium Obertal (Germany) showed that the mineral and vitamin contents in fruits and vegetables declined in the years 1985-1996 between 8 and 92%. Although our body is very intelligent and adaptive: heavy, weak and unbalanced food is an unnecessary thread to our energy system.
Organic farms with more space and natural environment for animals like chicken, cows and pigs, as well as alternative slaughter-methods reduces germs and fear-vibrations in the meet.

Bless your food


Bless Eating and Drinking by holding your hand over it, connect to the divine spirit and thank for energy.

Background and effect:
Blessing water has been tested by Masaru Emoto in several experiments. Emoto proved that positive thoughts and feelings towards neutral water result in beautiful crystal structures that can be seen during deep freezing the probe.
Water can be energized not only by blessings, also by various techniques, eg Grander water energizing. It tastes softer and delicious after the treatment.
Try the effect yourself by blessing a glass of water for about 2 minutes. Compare it with a glass of non-blessed water! The same effect can be shown with food. Especially in these times where the food is thinned out energetically by herbicides and fertilizers – we should energize it before eating with thoughts of thankfulness and love.
The blessings of Jesus to the bread, and the tradition of praying before the meal, has a good reason!

wasser trinken

Drink energized water


wasser trinkenWater performs many key functions in the body and also has important roles in the energy system. If you are exhausted, drained, or emotionally confused, drink half a liter of water first. You will feel the benefits immediately. Get used to drink more than you’re thirsty. 2-6 liters per day are perfect, depending on temperature and body stress. Drink a quarter of an hour before eating – and if possible no more water until two hours after eating, because the water slows the digestive process.

Prefer natural, artesian or energized water, and fill it into glass bottles. The crystalline structure of the quartz protects the energetic structure of water. Sources of recommended waters you can find here:

Water can also gain quality by storing in a bottle of quartz crystals, eg rock crystal or rose quartz overnight or by speaking blessings over it. Some companies already offer water-energizing devices, where the water is energized with oil or special stones.

Background and Effect:
Unfortunately, the water we get from the waterpipe is energetically almost worthless because it loses the information by the pressure of the watertubes. The different quality of water has been proved by the Japanese scientist Emoto ( in his photos of water crystals. He freezes different water types at -20 ° and takes photographes of the frozen slices. Healthy water is showing hexagonal crystal structures, water with poor energy information a chunky, quadratic structure. Good water is naturally emerging spring water. Bad water you will find in lakes, after treatment with microwaves or close to mobile phones, PCs, etc. The water reacts also to music, thoughts and prayers. Water bespoken with “love and gratitude” brought very beautiful crystal results.

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