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mut trainieren

Move Daily Out of the Comfort Zone


mut trainierenAsk your partner (spouse or good friend) for an exercise that would bring you out of your comfort zone. Do every day one of these suggestions.

For example: Go through the forest in the middle of the night, do a climbing course, go diving, attack a spider, climb on a high cliff, jump over a stream, speak to another person without reason, feel your body during the day and give room to it, find pleasure and meaning in thoughts that have become a sorrow. In short: Get over more and more of your fears successively.

Background and Effect:

The people who know us best also know our weak points best – the things we avoid because we are afraid of them.

Every time we overcome a fear in us, we remember that the fear was unreal. We feared nothing. We just did not know how it is when we do the one thing we are afraid of. And every time we overcome a fear it further strengthens our confidence that we can achieve all that we seek, that we can live self-determined and courageous.

Choose a mentor


Choose a strong, successful and loving person as your new mentor. This may be an experienced spiritual adviser or healer who is paid for the purpose, but also a brother, sister, a friend or the partner.

To this mentor you talk at least once a month about the successes in your life and to define new goals. Also talk about goals you didn’t achieve and the consequences.

You should choose a mentor who is trustworthy, attentive and unobtrusive. The mentor shouldn’t develop excessive ambitions to help you or criticize you. He should not get lost in your debauchery, or accept you as a victim (“I can not …”), but always lead you back to you and your goals with the question: “Where is your focus, what do you want?” Mostly, he should be able to listen to you without judgment – and be glad, if you are successful.

Like with all of your personal goals you only need to wish for your loving and strict mentor – and he or she will appear.

Background & Impact:

It usually becomes much easier to achieve goals if we have some other person who supports us in the process of achieving our goal. It is important to become clear about our dearest wishes during the process of talking about them and to be able to make a promise to someone. A promise on the one hand, and a consequence on the other hand – with non-achieved goals.

View of the soul


Sit quietly on the floor or in chairs opposite to each other and do not talk during the exercise.
Relax and breathe deeply if possible in the same rhythm. Listen to your body and feel the tranquility and inner peace.
If possible touch each other, eg. with your hands.
Look into your partner’s eyes. If you have a problem to look at both eyes, loosely focus on the partner’s left eye.
You say quietly: “You love me” or “We are one.”
Open yourself to the love and respect for the partner, let your eyes be the window, through which your partner can see deeply into your soul.
If feelings like to laughing or crying come up inside you, just let them out.

During the viewing of the soul it may easily come to the moment when you suddenly notice a change in the face of your partner. Suddenly you see masks or faces of strangers, or the age of your opposite changes. Watch these changes quietly and breathe deeply.

It may also come to a moment when you turn off your mind completely and are only a silent observers for a few minutes. You realize that you are not your thoughts, your body or your feelings. You will be the void, like a clear mirror that reflects everything and contains nothing.

Background and Effect:
The view of the soul harmonizes the energy fields of two people and can result in a profound sense of peace and unity.
We experience ourselves as one with our partner and can become a silent observer with no feelings that burns desireless with love.

Source: adapted from Oscar Ichazo



Approach your partner with trust and embrace him/her. Be careful to touch him/her with your whole body, even with the hips. Just stay natural and don’t make a big deal out of it. Hug each other for about three minutes and watch what is going on inside of you. Watch out for all emerging resistance. Do any body parts cramp? Or do you hold your breath briefly? Feel like a kid in its mother’s arms, until you are completely relaxed. Then listen to the breathing rhythm of the partner and match them to one another if possible.

Background and Effect:
During an embrace all energy centers of the partner are open and an intensive exchange between each other can happen. This may be so strong that it dissolves all boundaries between the two of you and you have a sense of unity and ecstatic flying.

Source: Margot Arnand, tantra – or the art of sexual ecstasy

Heart to Heart Greeting


Choose a quiet room where you cannot be disturbed and take at least five minutes.
Sit opposite to your partner on the ground and look into is eye for a few minutes relaxing. During inhalation bring your folded hands in front of your torso together with the thumb resting on the chest. Close your eyes.
While exhaling bend forward with a straight back to about 45 degrees until your foreheads touch.
Maintain this contact and feel the connection between warmly in your heart.
When inhaling again straighten up, open your eyes and say: “(Name), I respect the Divine in you”.

– “I respect you, (name), as part of the divine.
– “I respect you, (name), as part of myself.”
– When leaning forward sing the sound “Om”

Background and Effect:
The welcome is derived from the traditional Indian “Namaste” greeting, which means something like: “I honor the divine in you”.
It is particularly useful before erotic encounters.
Through this little ritual you leave the everyday life with its worries behind and enter your sacred room.
Through mutual respect and the recognition that the other is a part of yourself, you open yourself to the Divine and come very close each other in confidence.

Source: Margot Arnand, tantra – or the art of sexual ecstasy

Find the common note (Ella Kensington)


Stand opposite each other or in a circle (several people) and look at each other.
Now feel how the note “joie de vivre” feels inside. Express this feeling until it harmonious. You can hum along quietly for a few minutes – usually, it will end automatically after a while without the intervention of an operator or the manager.
Next, you can feel the note for “joy” in you, and express it together.
Finally you do the same with the sound for “gratitude”.
You can then start a last round, where you jump from note to note, once you for example have found a harmony.

Background and Effect:
The notes have a powerful effect on your energy field and you swing heavily in the quality of the respective energy. Singing together is also a strong bond within the group.

Source: Ella Kensington, Mary

Mirror exercise for groups


Helene Ottens-Bergmann - Am Ufer

The group is devided into two circles, or in a chain so that always two people look at each other.
One side begins to enumerate the other positive attributes, eg, “What I like about you is that you’re always so … friendly, able to make your point, etc.”
The other person replies: “I am your mirror.”
At the end of each round one side moves one person down and then switch sides, so that everyone can be mirror and mirrored to everybody else.
Alternatively, the exercise can be preceded by another part where one lits the negative characteristics of the person opposite.

Background & Impact:
The mirror exercise makes us aware that every other person is representing an aspect of ourselves. We only see that in others that we carry in ourselves – positively or negatively. This exercise has a very strong effect, spontaneous awakening is possible.

Build your network


Actively approach people who are like you want to be.

Successful, generous, strong, friendly, supportive, loving – what ever qualities you always wanted to develop, look for people who already have these characteristics and learn from them. Instead of watching television, go to evening social events and tryto get to know new people. Always have business cards in your hand and tell them what you are doing.
Invite your favorite friends to eat together, play or just chat. Take care about them so that they enjoy themselves.

Background & Impact:
Friends and acquaintances are important sources of information and support. They give you hints and inspirations, assist you in times of crisis and are completely honest with you. The bigger and better your network, the greater your chances.

Sex on cloud 7 (Mohr)

The important point of the by Bärbel Mohr invented “Sex on cloud 7” is to simply do nothing for at least 10 minutes – motionless – listening only to your body or the one of your partner after being intimate.
If nothing happens the first time and distracting thoughts and feelings are too strong, you can also try to have sex in slow motion and try it again after the next time.

In-depth exercises:
– Draw attention to the open the heart again and even deeper every time.
– Focus attention on the solar plexus and feel how it feels.
– For a while, pay attention to the breathing and heartbeat of the partner and try to breath in the same rhythm. (This reinforced the feeling for each other and dissolves the sensation of physical limits)
– With the desire to become pregnant during intercourse deliberately invite healthy and happy children that match the highest good of everybody in the family.
– Create a common objective in the partnership (eg, in form of a collage) and dedicate the sex of to this vision.
– Meditate together before sex or do mental or physical energy exercises to raise the energy level.
– Lie entwined for 10-30 minutes and savor each other with all your senses.
– Invite good spirits to the sex.
– Find a common theme for the sex, eg
* I am lovable
* I love myself
* I am connected to the primordial power
* We live in abundance
* I am healthy and strong
* Serenity and quiet confidence are our basic emotions of life
* I am meek and gentle as a warm breeze
* I am an energy being and in all my movements I express energy, light and love.
* I am pure love.
* The primordial power pulsates in each of my cells

Background & Impact:
The Cloud 7 Sex deepens the sense of one’s body and the pleasure of sex enormously. A new way of fine perception enters the body, with which a new depth of feeling in general is created. Both partners are more energized throughout the day and more in balance. The silent sex can trigger powerful emotions (alternately crying and laughing), and healing experience.

Source: Barbel Mohr, sex on cloud seven

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