Energy transmission (channeling, healing)


Open yourself up as a channel of divine energy – preferably while you put your hand on your heart – and let energy flow to the other person. If you are not trained in energy healing, it does not matter. The energy will find its way to the right place anyway.

Background & Impact

The channeling of energy is based on the assumption that we are part of the divine flow of energy through our head and feet. We can direct this energy flow through our will. If we remember that the energy flows through us, it actually begins to do so. We become a channel of divine energy. The difference, regarding the “physical exercise” is that they increase the unchanneled energy in us while the channeling exercise transfers energy consciously. Most people feel the flow of energy as heat. Otheras tingling, or a non-specific pressure. Energy can be transferred to other people through us. We consider the following:

The transfer of energy is primarily a spiritual process. It is appropriate to do so in a state of openness, joy and gratitude to God, ones inner self and others. Anyone who is angry or sick should not transmit energy. It is not us who do the healing, but the divine energy that flows through us.

Energy may be transferred only with the consent of the other! This has primarily karmic reasons: Because as humans we choose our diseases and a certain energetic life consciously on which a not considered intervention can have fatal consequences: we wipe away the energetic pattern, without the soul could make the required experience . This encroachment on the freedom of another soul will eventually fall back on us in some form. Before you will to energetic exercises on somebody, ask the people personally or better yet, his higher self through your intuition, whether the interference is allowed.
Besides the above there are some very practical reasons: the other might be in an activity that requires absolute concentration (eg, driving) while you start the remote energy-treatment.

Receiver: If the recipient does not believe in the efficacy, or his soul is not ready for a cure there can be no healing. To help you can ask him to lower his head and pray, think of something beautiful and listen to his body.

Energy is most effectively transferred directly into the energy centers (chakras). From there it will be immediately passed onto the neighboring organs. First energize the main chakras followed by the side chakras. You can also heal organs directly. The intent alone is enough already. Putting down the hands to help at the show only helps to concentrate.
The hands don’t have to touch the skin but can also remain at a distance of about 15 cm. Usually extends your left hand with the palm up, to catch the divine healing energy from above. It then runs through the heart to the other hand to the patient. There are spiritual healers who know the human anatomy so well that they can transfer energy directly into the left heart valve. A visualization of the organ is helpful but not necessary. Alone the desire, “I transmit energy to the liver” is enough already.

During the energy transmission the receiving and the healer often have images or sounds. Sometimes it brings up old, very emotional memories in the receiver.

As we heal something happens to us. The energy that flows through us, also leads us to healing. We are truthful, open and humble. We should take good care of us, eat healthy do energetic exercises regularly .

Usually, the recipient will feel a short phase of a worsening. The pain is initially becoming stronger to then decrease rapidly and disappear. This is because the body begins to stutter like an old engine with the influx of fresh energy  before it starts to eject the spent energy and heals itself.

Healing does not always occur immediately, and not in the sense that we assume. Often, the disappearance of pain leads to the emergence of a new one. Healing is only effective if the patient changes his/her surroundings and thought patterns.

Create love light around you


Intensely imagine a beautiful situation from your life. Imagine how a bright lights spread around you. It may consist of various colors. In this  field of light there can be soft music, scents, symbols or other appearances of your choice. This field is filled with love, joy and gratitude. It has strong healing powers. You can expand the boundaries of this to other people and far away places.

Background & Impact:

Thoughts and emotions are vibrations that have a direct impact on us and our environment.

Radiate energy


Radiate your energy outwards, without giving it a direction. Imagine that a flame is burning bright inside of you and bless everything with the loving energy that you encounter. Do not try to control this energy and its creations – just trust in divine providence that will guide it.

Background and Effect:

Everything you send out comes back to you. The more energy you put out, the more comes back to you. The more you let the energy flow freely, without controlling it, the freer it can come back to you, without  controlling yourself.
“Energy comes back to you to serve you in grand and new way. This is called the synchronistic life. In some sense you could say that there are no needs in synchronistic life. Everything is always there, at any time. You do not have to to fight anymore. I do not have to arm wrestle with life more. It’s just there. “(Emodiment Series, Shoud 11)

Direct your breath


Inhale and guide fresh prana through deep abdominal breathing to the painful area. Visualize a bright white light on the painful area.
The pain from the gray point exhale slowly and thoroughly. (3 min)

Background & Impact:
Just the idea of ​​the flow of prana and light already causes a strong influence of increased energy in the body. By visualizing a healing can they actually occur.

Orange Fountain (Hubert Leitenbauer)


Imagine that the bright-orange energy in your sexual chakra begins to heat up, to vibrate and to expand. Imagine how it rises like water through the solar plexus in the heart chakra where it fills everything with gentle waves of heat. The energy continues to rise to your third eye and radiates through your head playfully into the universe, like a giant fountain. In the light of the stars your water of live becomes enriched with divine energy and falls through your head back into your third eye. From there it sinks in warm waves into your heart and through the solar plexus slowly back into your sexual chakra. This process is repeated a total of at least three times.
After Hubert Leitenbauer,

Background and Effect:
Through this exercise, our emotional body is highly purified and strengthened within minutes.

Emotional body exercise (Adam)


Each step takes about 10 minutes

1. Step
Rhythmically put forth your right hand and your right foot at heart level (lunge). With that exhale all the bad, old and all the flaws away from the heart.
Pull your hand back to your heart and  inhale love, joy and abundance.
Repeat this process with your left hand and left foot.

2. Step
Do a lunge to the side with the right hand and your right foot. With that exhale all the specific, negative situations in your life (eg a bad relationship, a flaw or uncertainty). When pulling back to the heart inhale a specific goal (Prince Charming, Abundance & Wealth, palace, self-confidence).
Repeat this process with your left hand and left foot.

3. Step
Combine Step 1 and 2: Start by using the right hand and foot, then the left hand and foot, first on the right side then on the left.
Then turn around, do the back right and back left until you turned around and end where you began.
During this inhale specific positive things and exhale specific negative things.

4. Step
Spin around like a Dervish; as fast as you manage around your own axis. If you need to do more than two steps out from the center just let yourself down easy. Feel the unity with all life.

5. Step
At the end of the 10 minutes throw a strong and powerful spiritual anchor in both of your feet. Stand in your center and say softly: “I AM”. Stand completely in your center and watch yourself how you live your life in your body.

Source: Michael Adam (

Protection from negative energies


1. Realize that the “negative” energy will serve your growth!
2. Visualize light entering through your head into your body and how you throw out all negative energies like a water hose from your solar plexus chakra.
3. Bless the seeming aggressor in the heart and crown chakra.
4. Say internally: “I am protecting myself from all negative energies that are not useful to my development”

Background and Effect:
There are numerous techniques for protecting our own aura, but I wont deal with them here. A good introduction can be found in the book “Energetic self-protection” by Choa Kok Sui. But remember that each protection doesn’t only keeps away the evil, but alway the good in every evil too and will therefore slow down your growth.
“Negative” energies are nothing more than tips of life for us. They let something unresolved in us vibrate allowing us a deeper insight. Everything that touches us “negatively” has its negative counterpart in ourselves. “Negative” energies want to do two things: First, the realization that something unresolved is hidden within us that attracted the “negative” energy in the first place. Secondly so we can ask ourselves: Which strength can I develop to not draw these “negative” energies into my life or to turn them around quicker?

Activate hand and foot chakra


Firmly rub your hands and feet. Put pressure onto the middle of your palms and soles. Spread your fingers and toes 2-3 times as far as possible.

Background and Effect:
The hand and foot chakras are those energy centers where energy flows strongly in and out of us. The more they are activated, the better we can absorb and emitted energy.

Sweeping energy bands


Flatten out the aura around you, from top to bottom. The first time use a hollow hand to wipe away the extra energy. The second time spread your fingers for the downward movement to emphasize smoothing of the health lines. Don’t touch the body.
Follow these two downward movements on each of the three energy meridians that run along the body from head to toe. First, from head to toe along the vertical body axis, then about 10-15 cm to the left and to the right of it.

Background and Effect:
The conscious intention to equalize the main meridians has a strong effect on the whole aura. An immediate physical relaxation and a resolution of the major energetic blockages occurs.
In pranic healing this is the first step of the analysis of the chakras – before cleaning and energizing the energy centers.

Activate energy – fast reiki


Rub your palms and knock them 15-20 times on your thymus gland, which is about 15 cm below your larynx, at the center of the chest (15 sec).
Rub your hands over your body, face and even neck and back, depending on how far you can reach and imagine a white light passing through them (1 min).
Place your palms (5 min) on your face and ears, maybe even your feet.

Background & Impact:
The activation of the thymus gland also activates the heart chakra. The rubbing of the body in connection with the idea of an energy flow is a strong flow of energy in motion. Through the activation of the face, ears, feet and hands the entire body will energize – in these areas many energy pathways run their way which connect all organs of the body.

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