Create love light around you


Intensely imagine a beautiful situation from your life. Imagine how a bright lights spread around you. It may consist of various colors. In this  field of light there can be soft music, scents, symbols or other appearances of your choice. This field is filled with love, joy and gratitude. It has strong healing powers. You can expand the boundaries of this to other people and far away places.

Background & Impact:

Thoughts and emotions are vibrations that have a direct impact on us and our environment.

Life creation


Before going to sleep imagine how you float into space, and suddenly you ‘re currently in the void.
You see the world in front of you, as it turns blue.
Create the life of a person with all of its stations. Imagine where and when he is born, what he looks like, what he experiences and where he goes. Think about every major life-situation, why it looks this way or another, what experience is to be made through it.

Background & Impact
The exercise is a direct preparation for the awakening – you realize through the process of intellectual work that you alone are responsible for every choice in your life.

Visualize diseases


If you plagued by a disease, lie down, relax and energize yourself and contact the affected part of the body. Request an internal picture of the disease. You will possibly see dark clumps, burnt electrical wires, holes, large rocks, animals or even natural landscapes. Don’t think about these images just watch them. Let them tell a story in your mind. Don’t fear wild scenes, but try to watch as interested as possible what happens.

If you already have the feeling to have understood the meaning of your illness, and say an unconditional “YES!” to the healing (perhaps during a 2nd meditation) – then thank for the history and experience and imagine the affected body part changing for the better. Let it turn into something smooth in front of your mind’s eye, full of beautiful colors and surrounded by light and soft music. Look at how beautifully it is changing and ready to take over its function again without reservation. Talk to it and thank it that it will serve you again. Repeat this meditation as often as possible.

Background & Impact:
In the alpha state, we can contact our higher self through pictures and understand the meaning and the learning experience of the disease through occurring symbols. It is important to not brush them off as meaningless and  wanting to convert them immediately, but to first understand why we have gained them. Mostly the affected organ provides very good information: Is it the skin, it is about boundaries; the heart means love-ability, and allergies suggest aggression, the breathing relates to freedom, headaches to stressed thinking and is it a bladder disease it means you should release an old topic, etc. (more literature by Rüdiger Dahlke and Louise Hay). In history, however, our inner selves gives us more accurate information through personal symbols. Either we understand the information directly, or we can recognize it by the technique of direct interpretation of dreams.
Only when we have understood the message and are ready for a new belief system, we can thank ourselves and offer a new image for the cure.

Clarity check (Joe Vitale)


Think of something that you want to have, do, or be.

Why don’t you have it yet?
If your answer is something negative, you aren’t clear.
If you say anything except an honest “I know it’s on the way to me,” you probably aren’t clear inside with what you want.

Another question to ask yourself is, “What does it mean that you don’t yet have what you want?” Your answer to that question will reveal your beliefs.
For example, if you say, “I have to do such and such first,” then you have a belief that you have to do something before you can have what you want.
If you say, “My soul doesn’t want me to have this,” then you are stating your own beliefs about what you think your soul wants for you.
If you say, “I don’t know how to get what I want,” then you are revealing a belief that says you have to know how to get what you want before you can have it.

Sorce: “Spiritual Marketing” by Joe Vitale

Solve the Gordian knot


If you’re in a very muddled situation and don’t see a way out jump straight into the biggest problem without regarding possible losses. Say and act just very strongly on how you feel in the moment.
Then stop at and see what happens.

Background & Impact:
The Gordian knot was originally made by the gods artfully knotted ropes on the chariot of King Gordius of Phrygia. They connected the shaft of the car dedicated to Zeus inextricably with the saddle. An oracle prophesied that only he could gain the reign over Asia who could untie the knot. Alexander the Great is known to have cut the knot with his sword in the spring of 334/333 BC to begin his subsequent triumphant march through Asia.
If we are separated for too long from our inner realization or if our mind has developed strong ideas about what should be, a contradiction arises between our determination and our current path. The outer world reflects that, by many problems, confusing and seemingly unsolvable situations and feelings. If we cannot solve it through other, more gentle methods, we might be able see the problem when we cut right into the whole situation.
Watch out, be prepared for pieces flying all around you!

Relations in the field (G. Wögerbauer)


Balance yourself, close your eyes and imagine, to sit on a large, beautiful flower field. Around you in the grass there are concentric circles at different distances  – you’re in the middle.
Watch how a number of people known to you in real life take a seat  around you – at about that distance, they have have to you in your life. Look at the people who sit directly next to you, and who takes places further out. Try not to Involve yourself too much in the exercise, but try to see who’s coming – let the events take place with as little of your consent as possible.Don’t worry, even if you  unsympathetic people approach too. Watch rather than to control. Later you can look for those people that have a permanent place in your heart – and that you’d always like feel close to you.
You can even start a conversation with these people and that can provide you with information about the type of relationship or on current issues.
Finish the exercise by looking affectionately at everybody.

Background & Impact
Through this exercise, your heart can easily show you who is really close to you, and whom you should probably keep at a distance more. “The condition for living in a relationship is to manage to be in relationship to oneself and to feel your own heart clearly ”

Source: matters of the heart, pan / Wögerbauer / Wögerbauer

Die consciously


Before going to sleep, lie down in your bed and relax.
Let yourself sink deeper with every breath until you’re completely at rest and peace.
Take a breath, as if it were your last. Then exhale as if you would die.
Look at all the thoughts and visions that come to you right now.
Return consciously return back to life, to write what you saw.
If you fall asleep during the exercise, do the exercise again at night or when you wake up the next morning.
Alternatively, to enhance the effect, you can go for one last walk, write your will and mentally say goodbye of your loved ones.

Background & Impact
Conscious Death will bring us into very deep contact with ourselves and can give us information about our mission on earth and our true nature.

Direct your breath


Inhale and guide fresh prana through deep abdominal breathing to the painful area. Visualize a bright white light on the painful area.
The pain from the gray point exhale slowly and thoroughly. (3 min)

Background & Impact:
Just the idea of ​​the flow of prana and light already causes a strong influence of increased energy in the body. By visualizing a healing can they actually occur.

Orange Fountain (Hubert Leitenbauer)


Imagine that the bright-orange energy in your sexual chakra begins to heat up, to vibrate and to expand. Imagine how it rises like water through the solar plexus in the heart chakra where it fills everything with gentle waves of heat. The energy continues to rise to your third eye and radiates through your head playfully into the universe, like a giant fountain. In the light of the stars your water of live becomes enriched with divine energy and falls through your head back into your third eye. From there it sinks in warm waves into your heart and through the solar plexus slowly back into your sexual chakra. This process is repeated a total of at least three times.
After Hubert Leitenbauer,

Background and Effect:
Through this exercise, our emotional body is highly purified and strengthened within minutes.

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