Exercises with Prana

Pranic energy is the fuel that feeds our organs and cells with energy in the etheric level. Prana is indeed present in air, sunshine, food and water, but the most important source for the human prana is simply the inner permission to allow prana to flow through us. Good thoughts, thoughts of healing and of the light that illuminates our body direct large amounts of pranic energy through us.

Our well-being and our physical health is a direct reflection of the condition of an invisible energy field that permeates and surrounds your body beyond its limits. This energy field has certain qualities that were relatively unnoticed by modern science. They were intensively researched thousands of years ago, but have only recently received renewed attention. Receptive people who can see the aura directly if they tune in to a person describe this as radiant and often colored rays that surround a person.

The “prana” energy has its own name in all the major cultures of the world. The Greeks, for example, called it “Pneuma,” the Hebrews “Ruach,” the Germans “Od”, the Indians “Prana”, the Chinese, “Ch’i”, and the Japanese “Ki”. The energy field itself has been named differently, too. The glow that appears in many cultures around the head is called “Halo” in our Christian religion. In the Chinese and the Japanese tradition sometimes three halos can be found around Buddha’s head. Among the Egyptians, the aura was represented by many small wings around the body. We know the white halo around the buffalo of the Indians as the legend of the “white buffalo”.


Along the vertical axis of the body there are energy points that are on average about 10 cm wide, and are located at intersections of many meridians (or nadi). They serve as receiving stations, transformers and distribution of different frequencies of prana. Each chakra is physically responsible for a particular region or organ of the body.

Due to the respective energy of each chakra, we experience the world from different perspectives. If they are healthy and functioning well in the flow of energy, they enable us to optimally cope with our lives. They are effectively the gates or instruments through which we experience the world around us.

If we are going through situations that arouse negative patterns from the past and the associated mental anguish we respond to this by blocking our feelings and reduce the flow of energy. This leads to a long term blockage of the energy system and therefore cause physical defects. Chakras can become clogged by turn irregularly, turn the wrong way or even tear. Because we perceive our reality through the chakras, we can no longer do so truthfully, if they are not functioning properly. Our view of the world is then distorted.

Features: In the crown chakra, we know that we are one with God and his whole creation. Through the Ajna Chakra between the eyes we receive our inspiration. In the throat chakra it becomes an idea that we share with others. This idea we love with the power of our hearts. In the solar plexus, we provided it with assertiveness and a sensibility for specific situations. In the sexual chakra, we let it meet with specific feelings and creativity in order to ultimately bring it as an impulse to the world in the root center.


The Chinese / Japanese and the Indian / Tibetan medicine describe for centuries the orbits in which the pranic energy supposedly runs. These meridians (Chinese) or nadis (Indian) run across the whole body and it appears that our vital organs provide them with life energy (see figure). In the historical Indian and Tibetan texts their number is estimated  to be up to 350.000, which run in 14 major channels. In India the main channels are known as Sushumna, Ida and Pingala.

Certain points should act as a concentrator or junction for power. If you press them, cut, heat up or irritate them otherwise (by hand or thought), they cause physical and psychological reactions in the body. This knowledge is already used by the approved therapies of acupuncture and acupressure. Both methods are proven  to set a process of healing in motion by pushing or inserting something into the points of energy. I want to emphasize that these energy points do not physically exist! Even if you cut a man open you will not find a physical analogy there.


A human does not end at his skin – his power extends far beyond the physical boundaries. His chakras build an energy field around him on, which is composed of different fields. This pranic energy field (energy body, aura) is not closed and consistent but ,depending on the spiritual teaching, have distinct parts of energy which have different functions and properties. Virtually all systems speak of 4-7 important pranic fields that propagate in a round or ovoid shape around the physical body. The most frequently mentioned are the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body and the causal body. All these fields have certain duties and serve each other as transformer and replacement organs of the different prana frequencies.

Everything that exists vibrates and is interconnected. The greater the proximity, the stronger the interaction. Every person is with his energy field connected to the entire universe. We all have an infinitely large expansion that one can experience in a state of absolute union with God (Unio mystica, enlightenment). For normal people ones field can only be noticed at a distance of a few meters. The more sensitive a person is and the more intimate ones connection with another person, the better he will be able to read other auras. When two people get very close they penetrate their invisible energy fields and mix them strongly, which is a very intense experience. This is the reason why we keep a “distance of respect”.

People who draw energy from within themselves and pass it on to others, through their joy, their serenity and creativity are very attractive to other people. Their secret is that they have identified and tapped energy sources within themselves. They do not feel like a victim and do not look for energy from others, but see themselves as creators of their lives and their experiences.

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