Energy Exercises

Our personal energy is the combination of many different elements: Our conscious and unconscious mind, our capacity for self-observation and our ability to love. The type of food, our level of exercise, and external conditions such as housing, relationships and work are also important.

Tree of life (c) Ellen Ottens-Bergmann

We are a multi-dimensional creatures: A spirit in a human body. Therefore, we can get our energy on these two different levels.

Here, you will find a variety of the best spiritual practices from various spiritual, psychological and creative movements.

All the information points to the truth that is in you and that YOU are. This is NOT a course – because you are already able to do all of them yourself. Do not stress, enjoy the best exercises individually and do not overdo them!
The more we practice spiritually, the more we should be active on a physical level. Isolated spiritual exercises without physical training lead to uprooting.

1. Spirit
Exercises including the “it”, the universal life energy, spirit, God.
Increase the ability to self-monitor, accept, be aware, love, not to judge and to be grateful.
Choose one or more exercises of the following areas, such as meditation, rituals, spiritual exercises, training or exercises with prana. Set up a quiet room to retreat and practice the exercises selected daily for at least 15 minutes, watch out for deep relaxation.

2. Body
Exercises to increase the connectedness to the body.
Increased body awareness, agility, strength and endurance.
Choose one of the exercises from the chapter “physical exercises” to increase your body awareness and practice it daily for at least fifteen minutes. Move your body one hour a day through walking, sport or exercises like yoga, pilates, etc. Yes, one hour!
Note the Chapter diet: Eat lightly and drink at least 2 liters of pure water.

How energy-exercises work

Our mind knows different states of consciousness:

The waking state is represented by beta waves (15-30 Hz). Our mind is fully turned on, we are completely awake, alert and think logically.

In the state shown by gamma waves (31-70 Hz), this feeling of spiritual awareness is enhanced with full concentration (eg. during learning).

The alpha state (8-14 Hz) is, however, a condition of relaxed alertness. Although still mentally clear, we are in complete tranquility and relaxation. The eyes are closed, mental images arise, thoughts are associative.

Theta waves (4-7 Hz) are only experienced in state of sleep while delta waves (0.3 to 3.5 Hz) only exist during deep dreamless sleep.

Alpha waves

Mental exercises are more effective, the lower the frequency of your brain waves is because in a deeper state of consciousness we have a more direct access to our subconsciousness.

When we are in the beta-state our mind is clear and our thinking linear and logical (like when learning the alphabet, A-B-C-D). Being in our alpha-state, images, movements and colors come into mind and we use more holistic information.

Many famous musicians (Mozart, Beethoven, Santana, etc.) and scientists (Einstein, Edison, Newton, etc.) are well known to have gotten their ideas in an alpha state.
A university in Asia brought their students regularly to an alpha state and increased the number of patents from 4-6 to over a hundred within one year.

When our brain produces alpha waves and we are in a state of deep relaxation, we can avoid our intellect and our psyche, which protect and preserve old contents. It occurs automatically during sleep-related periods (morning, evening) but can also be achieved by uniform speech / music (drums, relaxation music, dance, etc.) and visual stimuli (candlelight, chronometer, rotating spirals, etc.).

In these states, we speak directly to our unconsciousness and can successfully programme new patterns. Once, we have reached this deep state of relaxation, we only need to think about those energetically strong beliefs, feelings and images, that we want to anchor. The stronger the feeling and identification with it, the more deeply the new pattern will be internalized.

The new patterns begin to work immediately – but they only become visible on the outside when their intensity exceeds that of the old, pre-existing beliefs. This differs from person to person.

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