The Egyptian Hermes Trismegistus probably lived and worked at the beginning of the old empire lived (3400-2100 BC). Among the sciences which he founded are mathematics, astronomy, physics, medicine and also alchemy. A total of 42 writings are attributed to him. In one of them his awakening to the cosmic consciousness is described: After a long meditation on the nature and origin of being the eye of the spirit of glaring light and darkness presented itself to him. and the origin of all life was shown to him. After this experience he began to preach to the people the message of liberation through devotion to God.

“See through the eyes of the heart and you will find the way to the gate of knowledge, where the bright light. (…) In the realm of reality, there is no death. The ignorant call dissolving of the body death, because they do not see how the life enters from the visible into the invisible and hidden (…) All life remains always remains in God – and God in it. ”
According to Thoth-Hermes, God can not experienced pondering but only in silence and contemplation. Only if you turn inward, you could see God in its fullness. His instructions were traced from the Egyptian priests in the famous inauguration rituals.

His most famous saying can be read the book Emerald Tablet:
“It is certainly true and real: What is above is like what is below, and what is below like what is above, to align the miracles of one thing … whose power is absolute even if it is dressed in a earthy robe. Separate the earthly robes from the (inner) fire. Then it will rise from earth to heaven and back down to earth and take on the power of all things which are above, and the things that are below. In this way you will receive the essence and the fullness of the world – and all the darkness in you will give way to the light “