was born in Bethlehem about 4 years before our time. He was raised by his parents Joseph and Mary in Nazareth. Like his father, he trained as a carpenter. His native language was Aramaic, though as a Jew he was also able to read the Bible in Hebrew. Perhaps he also knew Greek, the language of commerce of the time and Latin of the Romans. Even as a child, he raised attention due to his knowledge of the holy scriptures and could it skillfully present his arguments to his scholars. Jesus is often associated with the community of the Essenes, which were active in the Holy Land at that time .

In the year 28 the Judea the movement of baptism and repentance of John began to achieve inner and outer reversal. Like many others, Jesus was baptized and with that probably also had hist crucial experience. His life changed radically and he now thought of himself as the messenger of God. The time prior to his crucifixion on the 7th of April in the year 30 was the actual time of Jesus’ doing. Through his personal connection with God and his unshakable faith he was able to cure diseases and to perform many miracles. His followers in the Gospels tell of the apparition of the risen Jesus after his death. This lead to the movement that more and more believers accepted to the teachings of the man from Nazareth. In his name, numerous miracles were done and the core of his teaching full of love is included in the Bible up to the present day .

Jesus preached the love of God, himself and his fellow man, and advocated a radical forgiveness. He empowered the people (“Your faith has saved you”) and encouraged you to stay in constant contact with God.

The teachings of Jesus Christ can (still) be felt in the Bible and with Paul Ferrini.

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