Important elements of rituals

A ritual establishes a connection to the divine force in us. It is used to heal and strengthen positive patterns. Just by doing something symbolic we reaffirm and strengthen our attitude at all levels: physically, emotionally and mentally. To make a ritual effective, some points must be considered (by Serge Kahili King):

  • There must be a reference to the divine and the community: A group of people holding hands, saying a blessing (“May it be blessed”), showing gratitude (“Lord, we thank you”) extend special gestures (folding hands, etc. .), shared dances, sounds, drums.
  • A ritual must have a strong start and finish: This is supposed to focus the attention at the beginning and then end, especially if other participants are present. Means to do this are using incense, music, singing, or a symbolic act that stands out from the routine of the everyday life. There must be placed a clear finish at the end for that everybody can understand that the ritual is over.
  • There must be something special about it: As the leader of a ritual you have  to produce a special atmosphere, by stressing the importance of the ritual and by making a smart choice of opening words, time and place.
  • The ritual must appeal to the senses. The more eyes, ears, body, flavor and nose are addressed, the better. Singing, plants, colorful pictures and banners, hugs, food, incense and music support each ritual.
  • It has to have a familiar schedule: The more the participants know what happens next, the safer they feel.
  • It should be clearly understandable: All participants must understand the meaning of the ritual. An energy practitioner performs a ritual for the benefit of people. The efficiency is calculated by the number of participants which get in contact with their inner strength.

What you can use to become aware of your divine nature during a ritual:

Altar: It is a good idea to set up a “sacred” space in your apartment, where you can gather your get together every day and think positive thoughts. Here, you can use incenses and high-energy crystals or other objects to gain energy. Not the altar itself or the objects on it have an effect on ourselves and others – but our continued, positive thoughts, we gather here. Everything that we authorize to be good will have a positive influence on us.
Water for cleaning. Wash yourself. Clean yours hands and face. Drink. Wash yourself from the guilt that you’ve given yourself.
Flowers: For the honor and gratitude. Just creates a nice feeling 🙂
Smoke, incense: To clean and protect. (Possible slogan: “The smoke may cleanse and bless this place”)
Sacrificial objects: Tobacco, flour, rice, alcohol, …
The meaning of sacrifice is that you are aware that you give up some of your ego and that you want to turn into love. The sacrifice is an expression of readiness. (For example, as a sign of your willingness to not smoke for a week, leave a cigarette)
Circle of Light: To raise awareness and protection. Imagine how the light enters from above through your head into your body. Extend your right hand with outstretched index and middle fingers (blessing position). Imagine a beam of light flowing from your hand. With it draw three clockwise circles around you. Imagine how the light shines around you and gives you protection against negative influences.
Stone circle: Put rocks or other objects around you if you want to enhance the protective effect. As I said, it is your thoughts, and not the stones that act as true protection.
Stones: To protect, to raise awareness and to increase communication skills. Many precious and semiprecious stones have special energy forces (eg quartz, rose quartz, etc.). There are many books on this subject, where you can find more details. Use the special energetic power of stones for ritual purposes.
Images, icons: To protect, to raise awareness. Pictures of loved ones or strong people, icons with positive connotations to you.
Sacred objects: To raise awareness. Everything that has a positive or awareness increasing significance to you.

Do not be afraid of doing something wrong. Do what you think is good and right and what makes you feel well. Everything is OK – On one or the other way it will bring you to the object of your desires.

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