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Affirmations for morning and evening (Harald Wessbecher)


Before falling asleep move the following ideas and energies around in you, by  thinking, feeling and and perceiving them holistically:

– I’m going to be easy and free. I let myself float freely and easily off to sleep.
– I let go and have great confidence in the strength of my whole self.
– I will admit that my higher self, my soul, which is free of space and time, solves everything for me and rearranges it the way it is good for me.
– I fall asleep and have confidence in the deep layers of my soul.

With these sets you go to sleep in the confidence that your subconscious mind will deal with them and will make them come true during the night.

The next morning when you wake up, remember the ideas from the evening exercise, and get into the beginning day according to those guiding principles:

– Over night everything is in place, in me and around me.
– I got into contact with the deeper layers of my inner self. I have access to the energies of my larger self for the present day.
– I am alert and feel what my greater self wants to say.
– I’m full of confidence for my inner guidance during the day. I express all that and do what is good for me.

Background & Impact:
In the time before going to sleep, we find ourselves in a natural state of deep relaxation. The guiding principles help us to open doors to our unconscious selves and our souls. During the night  thoughts and feelings can be organized without extra influences and solutions to problems are found in the deeper layers of mind. Through the guiding principle, we open the door to the sources of inner strength and wisdom.
We also wake up in a relaxed, deep state of mind – by renewing the positive direction you focus your energies and only draw people, circumstances and things towards you that fit into your successful self-expression.
If you perform these exercises regularly, they will have a noticeable soothing and energizing effect.

(According to Harald Wessbecher: The Energy of Money)

Set anchors


Deliberately recall positive, successful situations and live through them again with all your enthusiastic feelings and positive thoughts. Put an “anchor” in this situation an “anchor” doing the same thing several times: Listen to the same positive song, raise a fist (“I can do it!”, “I can”), or connect your thumb and forefinger in a ring (“I’m fine!”).

Background and Effect:
The anchor combines a physical or mental emotion with thoughts and feelings. With that we condition ourselves to withdraw from a program when we want to think or feel something else. After a few times, the movement is rooted in your subconscious mind – when you do them your subconscious mind awakens all the positive thoughts and feelings.

Hand activation (Michael Adam)


Stand naked in front of the mirror, at best early in the morning.
Beat  one fist into the other palm alternating for 5 minutes.
Tell yourself during the exercise: “You’re beautiful, you’re funny, you’re smart, you’re rich, you are strong …”

Background and Effect:
The activation of the hand chakras puts the left and the right brain halves together and deactivates the mind. Therefore, your positive commands can enter more easily into your subconscious. Do this exercise each day and it will change your life within one month!

(Source: Michael Adam,

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