Walk barefoot as often as possible, at least in the summer.
Wear shoes with flexible soles which allow you to feel the ground as much as possible, too. Walk aware.While standing bend your knees sometimes and feel how your feet can get a better “grip” of the floor. Try the three-point position, where you carry your body weight with your left and right footpad and and one heel. Get a grip of the ground with your toes without tensing up though.
Relax your calves and soles as often as possible and try to let the full weight of your body fall onto the ground.
You will notice your success when your body carries itself suddenly and without muscular effort, without falling over. Feel the ground steady on your feet and completely trust in your ability to stand.

Background & Impact:
Strengthens the energy flow in the first chakra, the connection to the ground and the basic trust.
Inner beliefs keep us from letting go completely. We don’t trust enough internally use more muscles than necessary while walking, standing and sometimes even during sitting. To learn how to relax these muscles creates a very pleasant feeling and allows a better flow of energy.
Me personally, I am extremely tense in my leg muscles – I had my  first real “standing experience” as an adult at the age 30 during a seminar on “Inner Child”as I took a shower in the evening. I remember how I thought, “Wow, actually standing properly!”