Bless Eating and Drinking by holding your hand over it, connect to the divine spirit and thank for energy.

Background and effect:
Blessing water has been tested by Masaru Emoto in several experiments. Emoto proved that positive thoughts and feelings towards neutral water result in beautiful crystal structures that can be seen during deep freezing the probe.
Water can be energized not only by blessings, also by various techniques, eg Grander water energizing. It tastes softer and delicious after the treatment.
Try the effect yourself by blessing a glass of water for about 2 minutes. Compare it with a glass of non-blessed water! The same effect can be shown with food. Especially in these times where the food is thinned out energetically by herbicides and fertilizers – we should energize it before eating with thoughts of thankfulness and love.
The blessings of Jesus to the bread, and the tradition of praying before the meal, has a good reason!