Feel a healthy cell in your body. Take any cell – watch it and do not try to change it, but feel its resonance and vibrancy. It is one of billions of cells in order to serve you and meet your biological needs.
Take a breath, and feel how the cell communicates with other cells, which are contained in the organs, blood, and tissues of your body. This healthy cell is in perfect organization, it is healthy and happy and it knows what to do.
It is a standard.

Feel this energy, this awareness. This awareness, to be happy with yourself, and taken in by the moment – it is a standard technology. It is a standard energy. If you want to be happy, if you want to be full of peace, if you want to love yourself: I AM the way. I am the example. I am the standard of happiness inside me.

Background & Impact

The healing takes time, even without you. But we cannot manifest itself. We are building a wall or barrier that prevents it from take place.
In a “consciousness-moment”, when you can feel the moment intensely, all barriers are removed.
Consciousness, which was introduced into the human body and the human dimension, tends to create patterns for itself. If you become a true standard – balance your body, your mind and your spirit – if you live a passionate, happy and fulfilling life as a teacher of new energy – then you will become the standard for others, an inspiration.

Source: Crimson Circle, Circle teacher, Shoud 2, Translated by Matthias circle