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Go beyond your limits


Speak out loud where in your career the boundaries lie, eg:

“I know I could earn more money, if (insert) …

– I would put in more overtime
– I would take a course
– I would be more active in the group
– I could sell myself better to the boss
– Etc.

“I know I could use my real talents better if (insert) …

– I could conquer my fear of being on stage.
– I could overcome my fear of the beginning of …
– Etc.

“I could earn my money in a more creative way, if (insert) …

– I would be disciplined and wouldn’t sit so often would in front of the television
– I would use the potential of my friends and acquaintances
– I could muster the courage to radically change.
– Etc.

Often spontaneously impetus for action arise from the answers already. Follow and post them on your next week schedule!

Background & Impact:
Most people go their whole lives without ever getting to their true limits. They rather prefer the safety of a boring life than to face their fears and live their true calling. Know and respect your limits and decisions, and expand it continually. A person becomes more free and confidence inspiring, the more he knows about his fears and limitations.
(by David Deida: The Way of the Superior Man)

Live your roles


In your life you always fill out a variety of roles: as a child of your parents, father / mother of children, a member of any church or community, as an employee or employer, friend, husband / wife, athlete, consultant, etc.
Write all your roles on a sheet of paper.
Then consider each of these roles, which 1-2 measures would have the greatest positive impact.
These measures can be both simple and short  things like “buying women flowers”, “attend a football game with Tom,” or long-term things like “going for tango course”. In most cases, those things that you recognize as truly important to you, have something to do with the maintenance of relationships or training.
Now, get your diary for next week and just write down those things that you have identified as essential for your roles, as a first and most important dates. You can move them if necessary, but they should be done within that week that you planned them in.
Do this exercise every week, best on your day off.

Background & Impact:
All important measures related to our various roles are like large rocks that have to be filled first into our time-glass of life, so that the small unplanned things come around, too. The weekly framework to plan has been proven in years of work by Stephen Covey as a management consultant for thousands of people to be the most effective.
(According to Steven Covey: 7 habits of highly effective people)

Dissolve old patterns


If you think about your dream and negative beliefs come up, eg:

– “I can not afford”
– “This will not work”
– “The customers will not like it”
– “I cannot do this”
– “I will not have enough customers”
– “I’m going to be cheated”
– “What will my parents / my partner say?”
– “Everyone will laugh at me”
– “I’m not good enough”
– “I do not deserve it”
– Etc.

just realize as you did in Exercise 3 of the base with the promissory note. Be aware that you are dealing with an old belief that acts like an old debt in you. Feel every feeling of the situation, draw the scene in your mind like on a sheet of paper. Honor, affirm and accept the feeling. Then, mentally burn or rip the debt written on paper.
Now think back to your heart’s desire. Describe it with the most beautiful colors, let it shine in your hearts and go through the anxiety!
Do this every time a new negative thought comes up.

Background & Impact:
Our negative beliefs (see chapter “Things the power of money can constrain”) we see best when we come in contact with our heart’s desires. If we were to make these beautiful things come true this would contradict what we unconsciously think negatively about us! It is therefore perfectly natural that all the old patterns come up immediately. The more you can fall in love with the new image in spite of your fears, the faster it will manifest itself.

Write life script


Künstler: Ernst Gruber

Write a story about yourself in which you live your ideal life already.
Write about yourself in the 3rd Person and use positive phrases (eg “Andrew loves it …”). Allow yourself to play through in your mind all the things you want to be happy and do describe the details and quiet, little details, funny episodes, etc.

Background & Impact:
The story seems like a self fulfilling script. Especially the positive descriptions of details help to anchor the positive unconscious life image.

Roland is a strange bird. He lives quietly in a little small, rented house in Dahab on the Red Sea. A beautifully furnished house with lovely energy and a small front garden, in which are a few palm trees and a small tree streching its branches upward. The rooms are bright and high and in one corner he is working on a laptop. Roland loves a good healthy breakfast of fruit with yogurt, soft egg and a cup of hot water with honey and mountain herbs of Bedouin in the morning.
In the morning he starts to work on the computer – for his various internet platforms, and other clients. He is a Professional Web and is formed continuously in various projects and with the help of specialized media and friends. He can organize his time freely, and often works out of the restaurants at the beach. He has many acquaintances in the world, and many people are turning to him for advice – sometimes for internet marketing, partly for visionary lifestyle. Thus, he travels occasionally around the world and can get to know new countries and cultures.
His passion are various energy and vision exercises from different systems, for which he wrote a book and created an Internet platform has.
He maintains a good connection to his family and his many friends who keep coming back to visit him every now and again.
Roland loves sports, especially football, is often run and does his almost daily push-ups and pull-ups. Thus he has a trained, good-looking body. He dresses sporty, elegant or rural.
Roland loves it to sit on a bench in his little garden and look into the branches of the tree. He believes in life, a good leadership and that everything that he has experienced is good and a gift. He asks every day so that the will of God might be done.
He likes colorful sunsets, and sometimes rides a bike along the coast and makesat a small fire under the open sky. He also likes chatting and joking with his Egyptian friends.
He likes women and has often sex – usually it is only with the one woman that he loves and that he likes to take care for. He loves to cook, to read and to play guitar. (…)

Choose a mentor


Choose a strong, successful and loving person as your new mentor. This may be an experienced spiritual adviser or healer who is paid for the purpose, but also a brother, sister, a friend or the partner.

To this mentor you talk at least once a month about the successes in your life and to define new goals. Also talk about goals you didn’t achieve and the consequences.

You should choose a mentor who is trustworthy, attentive and unobtrusive. The mentor shouldn’t develop excessive ambitions to help you or criticize you. He should not get lost in your debauchery, or accept you as a victim (“I can not …”), but always lead you back to you and your goals with the question: “Where is your focus, what do you want?” Mostly, he should be able to listen to you without judgment – and be glad, if you are successful.

Like with all of your personal goals you only need to wish for your loving and strict mentor – and he or she will appear.

Background & Impact:

It usually becomes much easier to achieve goals if we have some other person who supports us in the process of achieving our goal. It is important to become clear about our dearest wishes during the process of talking about them and to be able to make a promise to someone. A promise on the one hand, and a consequence on the other hand – with non-achieved goals.

mut trainieren

Break lethargia: Become active


Get out of the cycle of nagging thoughts and do something – no matter what, just take the next thing that pops into your mind: Fix something in the house, cook something, do sports, clean up your room. The less mental activity is required to do this, the better. This exercise is not suitable for Workoholics 🙂

Background & Impact:

Almost always our good intentions don’t fail for the lack of ideas but a lack of energy and vigor. We sit or lie around for hours and think about what we should do or already drown in self-pity – the longer we wait, the harder it will get to come out of this circle of ideas and lethargy.
If we do something on the other hand new energy simply flows from – ideally, we’ll go on without much consideration from inspiration to inspiration.

Wish lace


Make yourself a personal wish lace of any length, in which you  craft 12 knots (or beads, glass beads, etc.). Each node stands for your new energies, ideas and desires that you want to feel in the future. Let the wish lace with slip trough your fingers every morning and internalize again your innermost desires present in the nodes.

Background & Impact
It has long been proven that the wish lace works on the principle of the conditioned reflex: when two different stimuli occur always together over a long time, they do the same later, if only one of the two stimuli (wish lace) is still present. The second stimulus (desires, strong energy) will be added automatically at touch. Who connected the contact with the wish lace with ntense positive suggestions over a long time, has to only touch the lace one day and the subconscious will immediately add the positive thoughts. The repetition of the rhythm of 12 is particularly helpful to enter our subconscious mind.

Recreation day


Reserve one day the week to yourself – Don’t work on that day, but do something you enjoy doing and lets you relax. Think about your goals in life and your heart desires, let your desire lead you. Be grateful for what you have achieved – and be greatful in you mind for your friends, your family and your calling. Use this day to relax, for self-knowledge, for joy, realignment and to say thank you.

Background & Impact
This ritual corresponds to the Christian commandment “Holy Sunday” and the call for the Jewish Sabbath. Here we can recognize that our forces, our capacity for production is not unlimited, but needs to be renewed every now and then – and not through hectic Sunday excursions, but by producing inner peace and balance. This inner retreat is also particularly useful to check out our goals once again – are our heart’s desires still valid for our lives or do I want to realign myself for quite some time now?

Deep listening


Similarly, although not focused on negative patterns, is the practice of listening. Confirmed to each other that everything that is said is confidential. Give your partner 5 minutes to talk from his/her heart about something that is really important to them. Don’t interrupter him/her under any circumstances. Listen closely and be for your partner while he talkes. Let him get your undivided attention. Lead your thoughts back to what your partner says when you feel that they are drifting away. Hold eye contact and open your heart. When you realize that you have had an opinion about something that has be said by your partner, become aware of it and redirect your attention back to your partner. When the partner is finished tell him/her about the feeling that you had while listening. But don’t judge. Ask him/her how he/she felt, to be heard in this way. Hug each other and exchang roles. (Ferrini)

Background and effect:

The better we can take the partner the way he/she is the more we will change and gain insight into our divine self.

Be completely free


Imagine what it would be like to leave everything in your current life behind. Imagine how it would be to go to the airport right now and get on the first available aircraft flying to your favorite country. Imagine, not to have money or clothes with you. Organize the bare necessities in your head: housing, banking, letter to your partner. Imagine how you can do everything you want after landing in the foreign country: sleep on the beach, ask a traveler for a job or money, work a little bit for a night’s lodging in a hostel. Imagine to completely trust in  God and to your inner strength that will guide you from moment to moment into whatever new will come. Imagine how strong you’ll get through the begging and the work you need to survive in your new home. Imagine how brave, fearless, curious and determined you will be by the departure into the unknown. Imagine that you will never tell anyone about your past. Lose yourself completely in this new situation. Think again if you don’t actually want to buy a ticket, even if it is only for a short break.

Background and Effect:
By letting go of your past and your current mental bonds confidence grows in you, that you can do everything and anything you want. You realize that you are free altogether and will be able to let go of a lot of old things.

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