Make as many decisions as possible from now on and make them as conscious as possible! If you have any data that is necessary for making a decision make the decision immediately and don’t change things around.
Also, make deals with yourself: Take a goal (for the day / week / month / other period), and put yourself a reward for it.

Background and Effect:
Very few people can make a decision without first having consulted other people (eg doctors, parents, spouses, friends, etc.)! Whether you are conscious of it or not; whether you want to avoid it or not; throughout your life you make decisions all the time. Even though you’re not, you’ve chosen. If you cannot escape them make you consciously and be the author of your actions! Lead yourself consciously to a new way, even if you’re still not completely intellectually and emotionally convinced. Don’t think about your mistake afterwards, but take the advice from Charles de Gaulle: “It is better to make imperfect decisions than to try to find the perfect choices that will never exist.”