If you plagued by a disease, lie down, relax and energize yourself and contact the affected part of the body. Request an internal picture of the disease. You will possibly see dark clumps, burnt electrical wires, holes, large rocks, animals or even natural landscapes. Don’t think about these images just watch them. Let them tell a story in your mind. Don’t fear wild scenes, but try to watch as interested as possible what happens.

If you already have the feeling to have understood the meaning of your illness, and say an unconditional “YES!” to the healing (perhaps during a 2nd meditation) – then thank for the history and experience and imagine the affected body part changing for the better. Let it turn into something smooth in front of your mind’s eye, full of beautiful colors and surrounded by light and soft music. Look at how beautifully it is changing and ready to take over its function again without reservation. Talk to it and thank it that it will serve you again. Repeat this meditation as often as possible.

Background & Impact:
In the alpha state, we can contact our higher self through pictures and understand the meaning and the learning experience of the disease through occurring symbols. It is important to not brush them off as meaningless and  wanting to convert them immediately, but to first understand why we have gained them. Mostly the affected organ provides very good information: Is it the skin, it is about boundaries; the heart means love-ability, and allergies suggest aggression, the breathing relates to freedom, headaches to stressed thinking and is it a bladder disease it means you should release an old topic, etc. (more literature by Rüdiger Dahlke and Louise Hay). In history, however, our inner selves gives us more accurate information through personal symbols. Either we understand the information directly, or we can recognize it by the technique of direct interpretation of dreams.
Only when we have understood the message and are ready for a new belief system, we can thank ourselves and offer a new image for the cure.