If you want to interpret a dream just stay lying down for a few more moments in a relaxed state. Now, imagine every person, every object and every situation from the dream in front of your spiritual eyes and ask them:
“Who or what are you?”
Each of the first spontaneous answer is correct.
You can perhaps help yourself to visualize it by imagining a stage or an oracle like in Delphi. Think about an important part of your dream that is located behind the stage – and when the curtain rises you recognize  the significance immediately.

Background & Impact:
In the relaxed state, we will still have access to our higher self, which tells us something about the dream or wants to solve an everyday situation without our consciousness. Everything in the dream is symbolical. However, the symbols and their meaning are not the same for everybody. Not always is the collective unconscious (Jung) the same for everyone. Often, our higher self uses its own symbol repertoire, which comes from our own personal history (For example, if an object during our lives once had a special meaning) – and its meaning can be deciphered best by ourselves. Due to the direct question, we also get a direct answer – and our sense tells immediately if it was accurate.