If you notice that in a conversation or in the presence of another person you feel weaker, will-less and with less  drive, probably unresolved energy is flowing through an open breach on your side through to the other. In such a case, you can take an immediate action: Put your tongue on the palate, cross your feet and put all your fingers on each other, including the thumb.

Background and Effect
Through this exercise, your energy field is closed, and the connections with other energy fields can be minimized. Your opposite might note the stop in flow of energy and may suspect that you are angry or upset with him – even though you have not  changed your behavior otherwise. It doesn’t matter!

Rather than the purely defending yourself it is better to strengthen the body’s energy, especially the point where the energy is removed. Remember: It’s not what we take in that leaves us unclean – It’s what comes out of us. In many cases the other will be of service to you: He will show you those areas where your weaknesses lie. The more conscious you are, the more you will be able to recognize these points, to accept, heal, and transform them into your strengths.