An ancient shamanic technique is to empathies with the other energies. You can do this in order to broaden your own perspective, and to learn a new way of being.
Calm yourself and try to put yourself into the essence of any living being or thing. This can be great role models, eg Bill Gates, Gandhi, Rockefeller, Robbie Williams or your grandfather / grandmother. By identifying with these characters you’ll be able to perceive their feelings and thoughts even if you haven’t experienced these feelings yourself.
The same method (the Huna-Shaman like Serge Kahili King described it as “Grokken”) also works, in order to feel the essence of animals, plants or inanimate objects such as stones or wood. It is also the basis for a mask dance where the dancer merges with the energy of the system shown.
Feel this empathy in a little ritual: set a sign for the beginning and the ending,  for example the lighting and blowing out of a candle. Then put yourself into this different energy, merge with it and express it if possible through your body to be able to feel and internalize it better.

Background & Impact:
The empathy works because we are connected to all things and therefore can tab into the energy of the whole creation. Family constellation works in the same way: we voluntarily five in to a foreign energy, feel and express it. As we learn more about a new energies we can experience a different way of being, and – if we approve of the energy – take it into our lives. Consistent settling on great models facilitates the acceptance of the potential that they express.
One of the most popular methods of empathy in our culture is television. The interesting thing about an exiting film is the ability to empathize with the actors. Watch yourself immediately after watching a good movie, and you’ll find that you have adopted certain thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns of the hero.