When evil confronts you look it firmly in the eye. Look as long as it takes until you recognize your own evil in the mirror of the eyes of your enemy. Pull back and look deeply into your own evil eye. Look as long as it takes to be able to recognize your wounded good behind it. Then take both, the injured good and the defending evil so tightly into the arms of your heart, as you can.
And don’t worry about the enemy anymore. Thank him and let him quietly go his way. You will meet again.

Background and Effect:
Your tormentors manifests the evil that lies dormant within you, for you. It lies dormant in you, because it is held down by your goodness. And know that the good that lies dormant within you, is manifesting his own good which it is held down by his wickedness. Both, held down good and held down evil will bring disaster. That is why you shouldn’t allow your goodness to hold down the wickedness, and the wickedness not to suppress your goodness. Be evil, if you’re evil, and good if you’re good. Deep inside there is the war that caused the wars on the surface. If the good and the evil in you aren’t at war any longer there won’t be a war in outside your world any more either. (…) If you look at both through your eyes of the heart, you will recognize them for what they are: natural impulses of your human mind, neither good nor evil. (…) Good and evil; In the world of theater occur separately, in reality they aren’t. If you dare to look below the surface, you see the bond of love, the perpetrators and victims share.
From the Book of Safi Nidiaye: Der Weg des Herzens