Begin early in the morning to knowingly open your heart wide. Breathe a few times deeply and imagine how your heart opens wide. It keeps on opening. If you still feel a pressure or tightness, breathe easily through it, and it will resolve itself. These are just some of the old experience that want to raise. Stay in the sense of the wide-open heart.
How does it feel to be closely associated with one’s own divinity? In this moment of the Now you can make decisions or look at a problem from a different point of view, because you are looking at everything with the feeling of universal love. Your vision is now wholesome, divine. This way you can decide, without reviving old stored experiences. You’ll need a bit of courage to keep the heart open continually. Do this exercise again, if you feel that you fall into the old routine or monotony. Go into your higher conscious heart, and learn again and again the feeling of divine love.
(Source: Kryon channeling by Barbara Bessen, 2009)

Background & Impact
The deliberate opening of the heart lifts your energy and vibration levels, and thus enables you to also receive inspiration from other levels. This way you can dissolve old patterns and letting the new energy into your life.