Laugh as often as you can, but at least 10 times per day. Try to laugh even when you’re not quite in the mood. Your mind will follow your wishes. Laughter is healthy, and laughter is contagious. Collect jokes and funny anecdotes, and sprinkle them whenever you can. Don’t laughter as a weapon and attack other people or groups, but see it as a victory over all judgments, which have formed in you. First of all laugh about yourself. In this way you lose all pride and arrogance that prevent true intimacy with others.

Background and Effect:

Entire books have been written about the philosophy of laughter. Only this much: Funny are unexpected twists. Our mind thinks ahead. But it is fatally astray, and our consciousness finds that funny. At this moment we shake and relax all our muscles. Jokes to loosen pressure: they twist the conventions and allow the outrageous. It is said that the moment of enlightenment is often expressed in a deep, liberating laughter. One recognizes the pressure of the knowable, and detaches oneself from it.