Similarly, although not focused on negative patterns, is the practice of listening. Confirmed to each other that everything that is said is confidential. Give your partner 5 minutes to talk from his/her heart about something that is really important to them. Don’t interrupter him/her under any circumstances. Listen closely and be for your partner while he talkes. Let him get your undivided attention. Lead your thoughts back to what your partner says when you feel that they are drifting away. Hold eye contact and open your heart. When you realize that you have had an opinion about something that has be said by your partner, become aware of it and redirect your attention back to your partner. When the partner is finished tell him/her about the feeling that you had while listening. But don’t judge. Ask him/her how he/she felt, to be heard in this way. Hug each other and exchang roles. (Ferrini)

Background and effect:

The better we can take the partner the way he/she is the more we will change and gain insight into our divine self.