Partner exercise or with electrical equipment: Take your partner’s legs above the heel and move the legs rhythmically gently with about 140 oscillations per minute and about 10 inches from side to side. The partner lies down, breathes deeply and ideally has a very flat round disk under the waist so it can move freely. Caution: Use only hard floors otherwise the body cannot swing enough.
Move your partner 5 to 15 minutes, then switch positions. The full body Chi-massage is even more pleasant when using an electric device that has a vibrating foot pad. Have a look on Amazon.

Background and Effect:
The 3-7 Hz rhythm creates a swinging motion of the whole body which causes a state of trance and deep relaxation of muscles. It creates a feeling of floating weightless and often a pleasant tingling sensation all over the body. The gentle rotating vibration relieves the spine and the muscles of the legs up towards the head. The electric Chi-massagers are a big hit mainly in Japan: By now some 600.000 of them have been sold in the land of the rising sun. Here they are available from around 40 €. I have very good experiences with it – the unit puts me in an extreme state of relaxation, ideal for short breaks. Other people, however, like my grandmother and mother felt the vibration unpleasant.