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Sit with Your Enemy


This exercise is a guided meditation.

Find a place to relax.

Be very honest with yourself, this exercise is just for you.

Choose a person in your life that you don‘t like and that is provoking a strong emotion in you, like anger or irritation.

Now imagine you go to a nice restaurant where a table is already prepared. Imagine your enemy is already sitting at this table, looking at you.
Look at your enemy.
Find the specific emotion that you don’t like. You can even exaggerate this emotion.
I.e. “I am angry at you because you were passing over my emotions like a catarpillar.”

Now look back at your life if you can find a situation in which you did the same to yourself or someone else.
F.e. “I was walking over my emotions without listening to them”, “Yesterday I just went straight for what I wanted without considering my partner’s opinion and feelings.”

To end this exercise, thank the person and imagine to leave the restaurant.


Best is to do this exercise when you have a fresh emotion for someone. By doing this, after a few times you will notice that often :

  • what you see is also what you are
  • the person is a mirror

But I tell you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you. (Jesus Christ, Mat 5:44)

What Jesus ultimately means is not only to forgive our enemies – but to see in every enemy ourself. He wants us to radically see and understand. Thats why he is asking us for forgiveness.

Ultimately you are not this emotion towards your enemy. What you really are can embrace everything. People and experiences in life can be seen as a way to learn about yourself.

honour encounters


Observe people that you meet you. Be aware of what you feel and think. Take a deep breath. Leave everything as it is and remain entirely in the situation and  with the other person. No matter which fears and judgments come up in you, always say, “This person is acceptable, as he/she is.” (Ferrini)

Background and Effect:
Every human being is a part of us and serves us as a mirror for our own feelings. Love is to be happy with everything the way it is.



Sit or stand in front of each other eyes on one level. Now one begins to list his negative judgments about themselves, eg:
I am one who …

  • judgedes other people constantly, so I can consider them as bad and therefore feel better because honestly I feel very worthless.
  • want to be perfect, so people admire me and acknowledge the lost value.
  • pretend to be interested in other people so they have a good opinion about you and give me my missing self-esteem.
  • is untouchable, because he claims never to suffer even though he suffers a lot.
  • attracts people who are full of suffering and hopelessness. This way I can help them and become important to cover my own worthlessness.
  • attracts people who tell me what to do and where to go, so I don’t need to worry about myself. I make myself to be a victim, so I don’t have to be responsibility.
  • judges people who live superficially, because I myself became superficial through all my searching and don’t let anything close anymore.
  • is afraid of the unknown, because he thinks he is insignificant and a burden.

Variation: The other responds to every sentence: “I am your mirror.”
At the end you can ask God for transformation, or play anonther round in which you tell each other what you like about the other. Again the response to the other is: “I am your mirror.”

Background and Effect:
The ritual of confession in the Catholic Church gone entirely out of fashion for no reason. Its original purpose was not to get objectively assessable sins wiped clean through absolution of a chosen priest, like you would wash a dirty car, or pay a penalty to the police. On the contrary! The idea of confession is to recognize within a safe and loving environment all the thought patterns that keep us from being ourselves. By talking about and confessing our thoughts and deeds we begin to accept ourselves. All negative actions can ultimately be traced to our negative, often unconscious thoughts, which in turn can be traced back to the misconduct of generations before us. We generally believe that we are pretty good people and only a few of our deeds are evil. Many people dismiss their mistakes and are unable to admit even one wrongdoing. Could we look deeply enough, we would see that sins begin in our minds, and that we ourselves cheat on us dozens if not hundreds of times every day. Then we could see that deep inside us, the worst negative judgments are hidden about ourselves. Talking about these judgments and the resulting thoughts and deeds out loud results in accepting ourselves as sinners. When we talk about it with someone else, we demonstrate: “I’m important enough to talk about my mistakes. You’re important enough to get to know my innermost.”Together we will demonstrate: we are both sinners. We realized that we deceive ourselves in a thousand ways. We will commit ourselves to our divine spark. We want to put all these debts into the hands of God and trust that will change them in us. Given this idea the honest conversation with a good friend in whom you confide your feelings can be this holy confession.

Mirror exercise for groups


Helene Ottens-Bergmann - Am Ufer

The group is devided into two circles, or in a chain so that always two people look at each other.
One side begins to enumerate the other positive attributes, eg, “What I like about you is that you’re always so … friendly, able to make your point, etc.”
The other person replies: “I am your mirror.”
At the end of each round one side moves one person down and then switch sides, so that everyone can be mirror and mirrored to everybody else.
Alternatively, the exercise can be preceded by another part where one lits the negative characteristics of the person opposite.

Background & Impact:
The mirror exercise makes us aware that every other person is representing an aspect of ourselves. We only see that in others that we carry in ourselves – positively or negatively. This exercise has a very strong effect, spontaneous awakening is possible.

Day of mirrors


From time to time, it is important to each other and all judgments openly admit in a spirit of loving kindness.
We reflect our experiences with each other and are grateful for the tools of our development to be divine. We say a round one after another in peace, gratitude, and I-messages, without being interrupted, everything that bothers us. Then we say everything we value. This can happen to an individual person or to an entire group. For example, “I do not like / What bothers me is … because …”, then “I like / I guess … because …” The others wait 30 seconds after the last speaker has spoken and we thank internally for the honesty. Then the next person’s turn. The messages are not commented on this day.

Background and Effect:

All encounters with other people are in fact reflections of his own state of mind. If we are friendly, there are also others. If we are honest with ourselves, there are also others. Similarly, in evil. The fact that we admit to our judgments, we show that we are not these judgments, but the other side of it standing, still divine power.

Recognize the evil (Sufi Nidiaye)


When evil confronts you look it firmly in the eye. Look as long as it takes until you recognize your own evil in the mirror of the eyes of your enemy. Pull back and look deeply into your own evil eye. Look as long as it takes to be able to recognize your wounded good behind it. Then take both, the injured good and the defending evil so tightly into the arms of your heart, as you can.
And don’t worry about the enemy anymore. Thank him and let him quietly go his way. You will meet again.

Background and Effect:
Your tormentors manifests the evil that lies dormant within you, for you. It lies dormant in you, because it is held down by your goodness. And know that the good that lies dormant within you, is manifesting his own good which it is held down by his wickedness. Both, held down good and held down evil will bring disaster. That is why you shouldn’t allow your goodness to hold down the wickedness, and the wickedness not to suppress your goodness. Be evil, if you’re evil, and good if you’re good. Deep inside there is the war that caused the wars on the surface. If the good and the evil in you aren’t at war any longer there won’t be a war in outside your world any more either. (…) If you look at both through your eyes of the heart, you will recognize them for what they are: natural impulses of your human mind, neither good nor evil. (…) Good and evil; In the world of theater occur separately, in reality they aren’t. If you dare to look below the surface, you see the bond of love, the perpetrators and victims share.
From the Book of Safi Nidiaye: Der Weg des Herzens

Hand activation (Michael Adam)


Stand naked in front of the mirror, at best early in the morning.
Beat  one fist into the other palm alternating for 5 minutes.
Tell yourself during the exercise: “You’re beautiful, you’re funny, you’re smart, you’re rich, you are strong …”

Background and Effect:
The activation of the hand chakras puts the left and the right brain halves together and deactivates the mind. Therefore, your positive commands can enter more easily into your subconscious. Do this exercise each day and it will change your life within one month!

(Source: Michael Adam,

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