Buy fruits, vegetables and meat directly from organic producers. If you live in a city, buy your food in organic shops. Eat raw vegetables and fruits from time to time. Avoid industrial food and too much meat, especially pork. Choose brown sugar and sea-salt instead of industrial sugar and salt.

The MPREIS foodcircle is based on recommendations from the Austrian Society for nutrition (ÖGE).

healthy food

Background and effect:
Food with high energy is free of germs and chemical toxins and contains a lot of prana energy. Because the soils are thinned out during decades of over-fertilization, food from the supermarkets contains just little Prana. An analysis of data from the Black Forest Sanatorium Obertal (Germany) showed that the mineral and vitamin contents in fruits and vegetables declined in the years 1985-1996 between 8 and 92%. Although our body is very intelligent and adaptive: heavy, weak and unbalanced food is an unnecessary thread to our energy system.
Organic farms with more space and natural environment for animals like chicken, cows and pigs, as well as alternative slaughter-methods reduces germs and fear-vibrations in the meet.