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Healing through Love


If you feel uncomfortable try to locate the underlying negative belief, ie “I can not”, “I’m not lovable”, “nobody likes me”, “I’m stupid”, “I am not ok the way I am “, etc.
Feel the dark power of this statement on you with all your senses. Then tell yourself:
“BUT – I love myself, I forgive myself and I like myself how I am, with all my HEART.”
At the beginning this sentence can seem funny, unusual and you might not feel any effect. But if you stick with it you will slowly feel the dark veil lifting around you and how you’ll become lighter inside. With more practice you will soon feel  a strong effect like a radiation and tingling in the heart area.
You can then set a sign of total acceptance and devotion by adding, eg: “Thank you Spirit, thy will be done.”

Background and Effect:
This exercise is my personal favorite exercise to resolve negative conditioning. It can be used anywhere and easily and is very powerful. It was handed down in this form from a Hawaiian shamanic tradition (Kahuna), but is found in variations in any religion. In this tradition it comes from the idea that we take everything negative in our lives ourselves and can therefore resolve it at any time. Jesus also talked repeatedly about the fundamental effect of love. The most important commandment of all is to “To love God (ie his whole creation, everything that there is), people around you, and yourself.” To be permanently in love is viewed in many traditions as the greatest and noblest aim of life.

Healing of old beliefs (Bill Ferguson)


Here is the method by Bill Ferguson, author of “Heal the pain that runs your life” paraphrased by Joe Vitale in his book “Spiritual Marketing”:

1. Write down all situations in which you felt bad and when you were angry with other people.

2. Identify the underlying beliefs, eg, “I’m not good enough” “unloved”, “I’m worthless”, “must feel weak,” “I can nothing to an end”, ” I’m stupid”, etc. and write them on a sheet of paper.

3. Take the time to go honestly and deeply into those feelings. How does it feel? The deeper you go in the more you can let go of it later.

4. Ask yourself: can you accept that feeling? The reality that it has created in your life?

5. Take a deep breath. Feel the energy of your heart and let it clear up your old feelings.

6. Imagine what new situations you want to have instead. Feel it with your whole heart. Write them on a sheet of paper.

7. Now burn the paper with the negative beliefs.

8. Carry the paper with your new achievements at least for one week in your wallet.

Background & Impact:

Through the conscious and loving care, we make our unconscious beliefs that determined our lives visible. Through the power of our true heart’s desires we create new beliefs, which surpass the old energetic feelings and thus create a new reality. The burning of the old beliefs sends an adjunct to this process; a powerful message from our subconscious.

Source: Joe Vitale: Spiritual Marketing

Alertness training – detect pattern


Listen to yourself

Listen to yourself for one whole day. If you say something three times, write it down. It’s become a pattern for you. Collect your samples for a week. Look at them and compare them with the experiences in your life. Coincidence?

Observed negatives

Pay close attention to your negatives, eg, “I have no problems.”, “I am not at all bad.”, “It’s Not that I have aggression.”, “I am not at all happy for him.”

Background and Effect:
Denials are a fantastic way to detect unconscious beliefs, because our psyche doesn’t know denial – you can therefore turn it around, formulated it positively and you have your pattern.

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