If you feel weak, exhausted and emotionally uncomfortable, rub, press and massage the following body parts:

Ears: Rub vigorously both ears with your fingers, especially the outer edges ear lobes.
Feet: Press and massage your feet thoroughly, including the toes, toe-spaces, balls and soles of the feet.
Head: Pressure and massage your head in the area of ​​hair (or no hair if bald) firmly with the fingertips.
Nose: Vigorously rub your nose with your fingers.

For specific health problems you can also go to a medical reflexology massage therapists, or consult a specialists in acupuncture and acupressure which then treat selected points for each of the affected organs and body parts.

Background & Impact:

All organs and muscle groups are concentrated or “mirrored” in certain areas of the skin. They are on the back, feet, hand, ear, nose and skull.
In reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure these points are massaged, punctured or pressed – and activate and clear the energy field.
The theory that explains this is that at these points meridians of the subtle energy field converge.