One of the fundamental evils of our present civilization is the strong focus on the mind and its abilities. This allows people coping with their daily lives well and gives them a sense of security – but it removes them from their true nature, the spiritual and emotional core.

This we can contact best with the most profound relaxation of body and mind. In this state (alpha state and deeper), we have access to universal knowledge, and are connected with all humans and other beings.

The release of mental and emotional tension in this condition automatically implies a loosening of unhealthy physical muscle tension and a free flow of pranic energy. This has a positive effect on cells, DNA, and various chemical processes in the body. The body regenerates itself, and the mind can – extending the logical mind – receive pictures and visions of higher wisdom.

Relaxation can achieved through physical and through spiritual exercises.

Physically: Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen, sweat lodge, drumming, dancing, etc.
Mental: listening to music, a variety of visualization exercises with the goal of self-hypnosis, eg. prana visualization exercise, imagining an inner place, autogenic training according to Schultz, etc. See a complete list of mental exercises here.

Do it like this: Begin with the quick practice and then try the different energy exercises until you have found an ideal combination for you to deeply relax. Almost any of the presented energy exercises relaxes the body during the execution.

We should at least relax deeply for 15 minutes a day – this is theminimal time named by several authors (Freytag, Beck, Great, Ferrini, etc.) in order to maintain permanent connection with our Spirit.

If body and mind are already under attack through a poor diet, negative thoughts, electromagnetic pollution and other harmful influences, this time should be raised to at least 1 hour per day.