When destructive thoughts, feelings and expectations come up – say loudly inside of you:
– “STOP!”
– Accept and respect your feelings: Look at them fondly and let them be there. Say, “I know that you have a good reason to be there.”
– Talk to your child, tell it that it is safe, that it is OK and lovable and that you’ll take care of the pain.
– Let go of the anger: don’t pay attention to these feelings and don’t nurture them no more.
– Shake it off: shake vigorously, do something crazy, let go of your anger without acting with revenge on others. Jump or chop wood. Speak to the anger: “Yes, damn, you got me again – shake me vigorously, then it will be ok.”
– Recognize: the other isn’t to blame for your feelings, but your own wound that has been touched.
– Call the divine grace: ask the highest power in you for help and protection. She will grant it.
– Learn: Try to recognize what this anger was meant to say to you. Was it a sign that you’ve forgotten something? Or that you yourself can learn something here?
– Think about yourself: Ask your heart, where it would be like and what it would like to do.

Background and effect:
The stop technique gets us out of feeling like fainting circuits that have guided us in early childhood situations and the associated negative feelings. We make ourselves aware of the fact that we are not our feelings, but consciousness and Spirit – and thus can always get out of negative emotional circuits.