Surya NamaskarsThe Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskars, for movements see box to the left) is a series of physical yoga exercises combined with deep breathing. It requires no equipment and only takes a few minutes.

1. Starting position (inhale): Tense the body from bottom up and collect positive thoughts.

2. Bend to the earth (exhale): hands flat on the floor press, press out all air.

3. Right knee on the ground (inhalation): Left leg at a right angle in front, beside the palm. Looking ahead.

4. Body bend (stop breathing): Feet flat on the ground, look towards your hips.

5. Flat on the floor (exhale): Press chin towards the chest without touching the floor, body on the floor, only the hip pushes upwards.

6. Raise the upper body (inhalation): Pull the upper body all the way forward and upward using your hands and arms.

7. Body bend (stop breathing) like 4.

8. Left knee on the ground (hold your breath): same as 3. only with the other leg.

9. Bend towards the earth (exhale) like 2.

10. Starting position (inhale) like 1.

Background & Impact:
Surya Namaskars literally means “sun-prayers”. In Indian tradition they date back thousands of years. For early humans, the sun was the giver of life. They showed her gratitude by meditation and physical education at sunrise and sunset.
But the effect is amazing: Within minutes we are back to ourselves, the mind becomes clear. And the body stretches and expands, gaining freshness and lightness. After a while of carrying out this exercises a positive impact on the entire body can be observed, especially on: digestive, lung, heart and nervous system, muscles and internal organs.