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Live your roles


In your life you always fill out a variety of roles: as a child of your parents, father / mother of children, a member of any church or community, as an employee or employer, friend, husband / wife, athlete, consultant, etc.
Write all your roles on a sheet of paper.
Then consider each of these roles, which 1-2 measures would have the greatest positive impact.
These measures can be both simple and short  things like “buying women flowers”, “attend a football game with Tom,” or long-term things like “going for tango course”. In most cases, those things that you recognize as truly important to you, have something to do with the maintenance of relationships or training.
Now, get your diary for next week and just write down those things that you have identified as essential for your roles, as a first and most important dates. You can move them if necessary, but they should be done within that week that you planned them in.
Do this exercise every week, best on your day off.

Background & Impact:
All important measures related to our various roles are like large rocks that have to be filled first into our time-glass of life, so that the small unplanned things come around, too. The weekly framework to plan has been proven in years of work by Stephen Covey as a management consultant for thousands of people to be the most effective.
(According to Steven Covey: 7 habits of highly effective people)

Write life script


Künstler: Ernst Gruber

Write a story about yourself in which you live your ideal life already.
Write about yourself in the 3rd Person and use positive phrases (eg “Andrew loves it …”). Allow yourself to play through in your mind all the things you want to be happy and do describe the details and quiet, little details, funny episodes, etc.

Background & Impact:
The story seems like a self fulfilling script. Especially the positive descriptions of details help to anchor the positive unconscious life image.

Roland is a strange bird. He lives quietly in a little small, rented house in Dahab on the Red Sea. A beautifully furnished house with lovely energy and a small front garden, in which are a few palm trees and a small tree streching its branches upward. The rooms are bright and high and in one corner he is working on a laptop. Roland loves a good healthy breakfast of fruit with yogurt, soft egg and a cup of hot water with honey and mountain herbs of Bedouin in the morning.
In the morning he starts to work on the computer – for his various internet platforms, and other clients. He is a Professional Web and is formed continuously in various projects and with the help of specialized media and friends. He can organize his time freely, and often works out of the restaurants at the beach. He has many acquaintances in the world, and many people are turning to him for advice – sometimes for internet marketing, partly for visionary lifestyle. Thus, he travels occasionally around the world and can get to know new countries and cultures.
His passion are various energy and vision exercises from different systems, for which he wrote a book and created an Internet platform has.
He maintains a good connection to his family and his many friends who keep coming back to visit him every now and again.
Roland loves sports, especially football, is often run and does his almost daily push-ups and pull-ups. Thus he has a trained, good-looking body. He dresses sporty, elegant or rural.
Roland loves it to sit on a bench in his little garden and look into the branches of the tree. He believes in life, a good leadership and that everything that he has experienced is good and a gift. He asks every day so that the will of God might be done.
He likes colorful sunsets, and sometimes rides a bike along the coast and makesat a small fire under the open sky. He also likes chatting and joking with his Egyptian friends.
He likes women and has often sex – usually it is only with the one woman that he loves and that he likes to take care for. He loves to cook, to read and to play guitar. (…)



Stand calm and upright. Open your heart and think of a beautiful moment in your life. Visualize it on the ground in front of you and behind you a lifeline. Imagine that your past is behind you, and your future in front of you. Look back at the past, and remember some moments in it – situations from childhood to adolescence, your education, perhaps marriage or child birth. Imagine that you are now exactly in the present and turn around to the future. Fix a point in your future and be designated, in how many months or years it will be. Imagine a situation how it is going to be like. Imagine this situation as good as you can. Where are you? What does it look like there? what do you do and how you feel?

Background and Effect:
Our life is created by our minds. Either by leaving the field to our subconscious belief systems, or even by creating our future. Every thought and every idea tends to realize itself. Especially those we charge by the high vibrations of love and gratitude.

Visit your cockpit (Roy Martina)


A similar exercise to the timeline is the exploration of the control center (loosely based on Dr. Roy Martina).
First relax your whole body. Then visualize a dark corridor that you walk along. You come to an elevator and ride it to the top floor. There, you will enter your personal control center. In front of you is a large screen on which appears the situation you want. See the future with its new situation like a movie in front of you.
Decisively support them by pressing a big “OK” button.

Background and Effect:
Our life is created by our minds. Either by leaving the field to our subconscious belief systems, or even by creating our future. Every thought and every idea tends to realize itself.
Books from Roy Martina

Go through the wormhole (Experimental Space)


Reserve a specific time for this exercise. Embark on a journey that goes deliberately into the unknown.
From now on, everything can happen and anything goes. Remember who you are and allow yourself to experience something exciting. Be awake and let the most powerful available  energy of the moment guide you. Give up the judgments, whether about yourself or others. Act unintentionally. Amazed. Open your heart and be honest. Do yourself something good, be crazy, have fun.

Background & Impact:
The name wormhole is by John Archibald Wheeler to express equations of general relativity figuratively. It represents a worm that eats its way through an apple and links two sides of the same space (the surface) through a tunnel. If we consciously go into the wormhole we open ourselves to the possibility to transform ourselves through inner guidance. It is closely related to the ritual of the vision quest.

Clarity check (Joe Vitale)


Think of something that you want to have, do, or be.

Why don’t you have it yet?
If your answer is something negative, you aren’t clear.
If you say anything except an honest “I know it’s on the way to me,” you probably aren’t clear inside with what you want.

Another question to ask yourself is, “What does it mean that you don’t yet have what you want?” Your answer to that question will reveal your beliefs.
For example, if you say, “I have to do such and such first,” then you have a belief that you have to do something before you can have what you want.
If you say, “My soul doesn’t want me to have this,” then you are stating your own beliefs about what you think your soul wants for you.
If you say, “I don’t know how to get what I want,” then you are revealing a belief that says you have to know how to get what you want before you can have it.

Sorce: “Spiritual Marketing” by Joe Vitale

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