Put your Singing bowl on all chakras in turn – beginning at the base chakra all the way to the ajna chakra (third eye). Make sure that thebwol  only  rests on a point on the ground and can oscillate freely. Relax and let your limbs go off (“Feel like an old sock”). Beat the singing bowl 1-3 times depending on each chakra, and let the sound fade out completely. Lose yourself in the sound and let rising thoughts leave easily.
Alternatively, you can also strike the singing bowl while holding it in one hand. Even a rubbing along the edge will produce a sound from the singing bowl over time.

Background and Effect:
Bowls can compensat jammed under energized chakras due to their distinctive overtones. They bring an audience to energy balance.
Singing bowls  originally come from Asia. Each singing bowl is individually made from a brass alloy with 5-12 contained metals such as lead, tin, iron, copper, mercury, silver and gold and has its own sound. Very important is The outstanding quality of a dish is very important. This is is why purchase and selection are crucial on site in India or Nepal.