This website is all about the question: “How can we as a human raise our personal frequency?” This topic is quite esoteric, because we are looking especially at the higher energy bodies.

A lot of energy is bound by our negative feelings, unconscious fears and unresolved traumas. 

We can raise our frequency through many different exercises on physical, mental, and emotional level. On this site, you will find many visualization exercises, body exercises, meditations, exercises with prana energy, and rituals. Just choose and see if there is something for you.

Maybe the most important thing is the ability to love, which is connected with your energy frequency. It has a lot to do with an experience that we call “awakening”: to see, that we are not the sum of our body sensations, or thoughts or emotions, but the unchanging and always present “I AM“. 

In this highest consciousness, we are connected with all humans, all animals, even with all matter and energy forms. It is a very concrete experience that was a privilege of former mystics, who often founded new religions.

Because of the raised conscious level of the earth, everybody can have this experience now, quite easily. If you have truly recognized who you are, your search is over. You will see yourself in every being. Projections and fights are returning only partially – from now you are always coming back to yourself, and you recognize that you hold the key in your hands. Always. In the interviews with awakened people of our times you will find many interesting referrals to help you on this path.

We are all encouraged to raise our frequency level, put our ears into the stars, and open our hearts. Our earth is in a very challenging phase for everyone, and the light inside you is needed more then ever.



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