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We are a group of people who have gone through the process of awakening – each of us in a very different way. We are in contact with each other, living our lives in surrender to the here and now. Some of us are spiritual teachers doing retreats, some are living „ordinary“ lives. None of us are members of a religion or sect. We have put together all our wisdom of the heart to create and compile a bundle of powerful videos and exercises for you. All of them are from enlightened teachers, and we highly believe they will support and trigger your process of awakening. It’s not that we can give you or teach something. But we can help you discover the truth that is already within yourself.

We are available for a short one-time talk or daily support for the whole week of the course.
Please contact us directly.

Melody (35)
From an early age she’s been involved into the Osho community and opened to self inquiry. She has been practicing and exploring many different meditation techniques.
The body has always been the starting point for her exploration about life, involving dance, tantra, sufi, bodywork. She is a professional dancer and performer and works creatively as a teacher with adults and children in London.
Troughout her life she had the chance to meet and be close to a few “spiritual masters” and intensively investigating what’s her real self. Then it came a time to really take the courage to inquire into her doubts and fear, to truly allow herself to open the heart to the infinite, and fully embrace and recognize who she is. Since then she noticed something like a soundtrack that had been always there, and life keeps unfolding itself. No matter what’s happening: using everything that is occuring in life as an opportunity to LIVE. Speaks: Italian, English.
Price per hour/all course support: Free donation.
Free introductory talk at the beginning of the course possible.
Contact: melody @ solnet . at

Gabriel (42)
is working as a webmaster for a publishing company in Vienna. He lives on a boat in London. Loves Melody (see left), his guitar, good company, green tea and a cold pint of Guiness. After an awakening experience on an „Inner child“ seminar he started a long journey to find the truth, involving many „esoteric“ energy-healing, meditation and self-exploration seminars, as well as long journeys to Egypt and the Sinai penninsula. Finally realized the truth of his nature in a retreat with Menhir (see right) & Sherazad. He is the designer of and responsible for the contents.
Loves to point and remind himself to the good-ness of life: Everything is in service for us.
Price per hour/all course support: Free donation.
Free introductory talk at the beginning of the course possible.
Speaks: German, English
Contact: gabriel @ solnet . at

menhirMenhir (47)
Lives in Rapallo (ITA), works currently as an osteopath.
He and his girlfriend guided more then 100 people in retreats in Italy, Austria and Russia to their awakening experience.
Will point you lovingly to your responsibility in become ready for the awakening seeing the mirror within your life, and also he will support you in the steps that are needed after awakening.
One of his best quote is:
„You can escape from awakening as you like, but it is still following you“.
Speaks: Italian, English
Price per hour/all course support: Free donation.
Free introductory talk at the beginning of the course possible.
Contact: menhir @ solnet . at

One comment

  • Werner Vogl (6 Jahren)

    Heyo Gabriel,

    nice page, many inputs, maybe it is for both of us inseminate to get in touch…

    I’m architect, geomant, and some more…

    one of my friends is Kurt Kickinger (I owe his first urton-dschembe)

    Especially Im dealing with Geoemnty in the Waldviertel, I knew Manfred Stein and Günter Koch who both found the Scorpions stones…..

    Hope to hear from you eventuelly..

    all the best (you are still on a boat?)

    (Rama Krishna- named by Amma in 1980)

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