This series of exercises in the group is a very good preparation to feel your inner body, and the energies inside and outside.

One at a time is standing in the middle of a circle. The others simulate a shower. First sweeping with the hands along the body from the top to the toes, while making sounds of running water. After a few rounds the outer ones in the circle simulate a soap in their hands, washing their hands, and then rubbing all the body in the middle with soap from the top to the toes.
Then a next round with water, washing down the soap. The last round simulates the dryer: everybody blows towards the one in the middle, again from top to toe. Then the next one can enter the circle.

Crazy running:
We run around a room and simulate the following:
– on our hands we have two dogs that pull like crazy into different directions
– the dogs notice a rabbit and pull into this direction
– we have a huge crown on our head, which tends to fall and pull into different directions. Follow and balance the crown.
– we are running over a street were frogs are crossing.
– we try to steer a big wild kite that pulls us into different directions
– we try to notice the other people and run into places where nobody is

Exercise with 2 people:
one is expressing movements that arise in the body. The exercise is to follow this movements and express them with the whole body. Start with very little movements and slow. The mind will immediately set in, trying to understand, comment, judge and explain the movements (“aha, this is a circle with the hands, this is a rolling, I shouldn’t do this strange exercise, …”), and start rythmic repetitions or meaningful movements. Stay alert to notice this tendency and return to your body. Feel your breath. Start again with little movements. Stay alert, notice any change in direction of the arising movement.
The other one is watching, then can softly support the movements by touching parts of the moving body of the other.

Same exercise with voice: When you are in the flow of the movement, express it with a sound, voice, tone, melody or rythm.

Now focus on outer objects: Patterns, forms, colors, everything that grabs your attention. Express it with a sound. Use your body to support this intention.

Partner exercise:

grab an inner or outer impulse and express a sound, melody or rythm. The partner sets in after a while, adding something to the composition.
You can do this improvised music session also in groups of 3,4, etc people. One is starting, the other ones are building up on the sounds of the first and following, until an orchestra of sound is evolving.