Film: Into Great Silence


Follow me into presence: “Into Great Silence” (2005) It is an intimate portrayal of the everyday lives of Carthusian monks of the Grande Chartreuse, high in the French Alps. The order was founded by Saint Bruno of Cologne in 1084 and combines eremitical and cenobitic life. The director  Philip Gröning had to wait 16 years for a permission to film, and spent 6 months within the monastary to document the monks’ silent way of being. He filmed and recorded the sound on his own, using no artificial light. The film has neither commentary nor sound effects added, consisting only of images and sounds of the rhythm of monastic life. [...] 

Exploration of The Now


In this moment you feel no fear anymore, because you clearly see that there is no fear, there can be no fear. The fear is always in the future, it can’t survive in the now. This is the great struggle of those who fear: to come home to the now. With every fear they run away from it.

The now is infinitely deep, you can get lost in it without thinking. His kingdom are the sounds, smells, the light, the vitality. Everything is already here, nothing more needs to be sought. It’s the end of the journey, and at the same time the very start. Curiosity and wonder accompany him. Soon, you’ll wish he may never end. His tears are hotter, his smile is brighter, and his breath deeper. [...] 

Sit With your Enemy


This exercise is a guided meditation.

Find a place to relax.

Be very honest with yourself, this exercise is just for you.

Choose a person in your life that you don‘t like and that is provoking a strong emotion in you, like anger or irritation.

Now imagine you go to a nice restaurant where a table is already prepared. Imagine your enemy is already sitting at this table, looking at you.
Look at your enemy.
Find the specific emotion that you don’t like. You can even exaggerate this emotion.
I.e. “I am angry at you because you were passing over my emotions like a catarpillar.” [...] 

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