Sit with Your Enemy


This exercise is a guided meditation.

Find a place to relax.

Be very honest with yourself, this exercise is just for you.

Choose a person in your life that you don‘t like and that is provoking a strong emotion in you, like anger or irritation.

Now imagine you go to a nice restaurant where a table is already prepared. Imagine your enemy is already sitting at this table, looking at you.
Look at your enemy.
Find the specific emotion that you don’t like. You can even exaggerate this emotion.
I.e. “I am angry at you because you were passing over my emotions like a catarpillar.”

Now look back at your life if you can find a situation in which you did the same to yourself or someone else.
F.e. “I was walking over my emotions without listening to them”, “Yesterday I just went straight for what I wanted without considering my partner’s opinion and feelings.”

To end this exercise, thank the person and imagine to leave the restaurant.


Best is to do this exercise when you have a fresh emotion for someone. By doing this, after a few times you will notice that often :

  • what you see is also what you are
  • the person is a mirror

But I tell you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you. (Jesus Christ, Mat 5:44)

What Jesus ultimately means is not only to forgive our enemies – but to see in every enemy ourself. He wants us to radically see and understand. Thats why he is asking us for forgiveness.

Ultimately you are not this emotion towards your enemy. What you really are can embrace everything. People and experiences in life can be seen as a way to learn about yourself.

Hans-Peter Duerr

The Spirituality of Quantum Physics


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matrix kid

Exploration of The Now


matrix kidIn this moment you feel no fear anymore, because you clearly see that there is no fear, there can be no fear. The fear is always in the future, it can’t survive in the now. This is the great struggle of those who fear: to come home to the now. With every fear they run away from it.

The now is infinitely deep, you can get lost in it without thinking. His kingdom are the sounds, smells, the light, the vitality. Everything is already here, nothing more needs to be sought. It’s the end of the journey, and at the same time the very start. Curiosity and wonder accompany him. Soon, you’ll wish he may never end. His tears are hotter, his smile is brighter, and his breath deeper.

And soon you realize: everything ever takes me there! I can’t escape – so let’s stop to make any resistance. Nothing needs to be done. Everything is already here, a rich stream of wonders. Surrender to it. Say yes, and you will be the instrument on which life plays itself.

No matter who you are, what you are doing and you will do in the future .. that holy moment which connects us all, is already there.


Recommended Movie: Into Great Silence


die-grosse-stilleFollow me into presence: “Into Great Silence” (2005) It is an intimate portrayal of the everyday lives of Carthusian monks of the Grande Chartreuse, high in the French Alps. The order was founded by Saint Bruno of Cologne in 1084 and combines eremitical and cenobitic life. The director  Philip Gröning had to wait 16 years for a permission to film, and spent 6 months within the monastary to document the monks’ silent way of being. He filmed and recorded the sound on his own, using no artificial light. The film has neither commentary nor sound effects added, consisting only of images and sounds of the rhythm of monastic life.

The observer is sharing the life of the brothers and enters a state of still meditation on it’s won. The natural presence of the monks in everything they do is captivating the silent watcher in front of the screen right into it: washing the dishes, cleaning, making firewood and of course praying and singing are done in an easy and fascinating way. From time to time the monks are filmed silently in portraits, eye to eye.

Apart from some Trappist’ orders, the Carthusian monks are the only order still engaged in a strict contemplating life. Saint Bruno of Cologne received the land to build his monastery from Hugo, bishop of Grenoble because of a dream. Hugo dreamt that seven stars would fall on the land. All of the monks live lives of silence. The Carthusian hermit spends most of his day writing, eating and praying in the cell. The cell is been left only for three prayer services a day for the monastery chapel. Once a week, the community members take a long walk in the countryside during which they may speak; on Sundays and feastdays a community meal is taken in silence. Visitors are not permitted in the monastery. The monks have no contact with the outside world. Their only contribution to the world is their life of prayer, which they undertake on behalf of the whole Church and the human race.

Awakening now

7 Days Online Retreat – Now For Free


Awakening nowGood news for everybody: our new Online Retreat is now available FOR FREE!
7 days hand-selected videos and powerful exercises from enlightened masters in simple day by day packages per email.

Allright, but … what is it good for?

The Solnet Online Retreat is designed to lead the subscriber into a powerful 7 day awareness experience. It’s a presence training that can ultimately lead to your awakening. Awakening is a natural process that will happen to every human, sooner or later. It’s about returning home. It’s the one thing you are searching for your entire life.

There is no way of achieving it through an exercise or training. It happens through the strong, natural desire to discover life’s true purpose and your own nature (who am I?), and leaving everything else behind. You literally walk through a door … All your beliefs about yourself will go naturally. Its about saying yes to your experience here on earth, and allowing everything to happen without resistance. We call this the “surrender”.

Nobody can teach you awakening or enlightenment, because there is nothing to learn. Suddenly you see that the key is already in your hands. When you see who you are, you repossess what’s already yours. And your search has ended.

More information and free subscription

About Love


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Spirit in Projects


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If I would be the devil ..


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9 Songs


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