Clearing & Energizing

The Miracle Morning Ritual (Hal Elrod)


The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) (English Edition)

Start your morning by getting up 30-60 minutes earlier as you normally would get up. Start the day with a positive outlook on what you want to be and become. Be present.

Use the six practices of successful people: meditation, affirmations, visualizations, exercise, reading, journaling. [...] 

Break lethargia: Become active


Get out of the cycle of nagging thoughts and do something – no matter what, just take the next thing that pops into your mind: Fix something in the house, cook something, do sports, clean up your room. The less mental activity is required to do this, the better. This exercise is not suitable for Workoholics 🙂

Background & Impact:

Almost always our good intentions don’t fail for the lack of ideas but a lack of energy and vigor. We sit or lie around for hours and think about what we should do or already drown in self-pity – the longer we wait, the harder it will get to come out of this circle of ideas and lethargy.
If we do something on the other hand new energy simply flows from – ideally, we’ll go on without much consideration from inspiration to inspiration.

Zero Limits (Joe Vitale)


Whenever an unpleasant event happens to you, whether through people, things or illness: remind yourself that you yourself have caused it. Purify yourself by saying internally: “Whatever has caused you: I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you, I thank you.”

Background & Impact:
Everything that happens to us in life is a mirror of our inner thoughts, feelings and memories. Each experience is caused by us, and we are responsible for our own lives. Healers are responsible for the clients they attract, as lovers, work colleagues, etc. Through internal cleansing, we can clarify and transform old memories, thoughts and feelings, and connect with the divine again. This brings us back to inner peace. (Look on Amazon) In his book “Zero Limits” Joe Vitale describes in detail the technique and how it came about.

Injury: Set a new pattern (Serge King)


Through the pattern encouraged by the parents that "If I'm hurting it will hurt for a very long time" our bodies react to injuries that same way. By reprogramming the impact on the other hand, we can make the body believe that nothing had happened and that the wound will heal much more quickly.

Quick Prayer to transform negative Emotions (Karol Truman)


This prayer is focused on powerful trust and the ability to let go. If we are already able to trust strongly and let large amounts of energy flow, the divine power itself will clarify the problem and resolve old beliefs.

Blank forgiveness (Serge King)


Often unconscious beliefs work in the background, especially feelings of guilt and anger at ourselves. As soon as we can forgive this, the pain and the unpleasant pattern can be resolved.

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