Play With Found Objects


Take a relaxed walk and gather material and objects.

Wander … notice what draws itself to your attention: a pigeon’s feather … a stone .. a broken toy .. a rope .. a plastic bottle .. don’t think about what you will use it for, just take it, explore it.

Be awake, alert and let everything come to you. Follow your lightest Impulse and inspiration. See what comes into your hand. [...] 

Body Exercises, Creative Training For The Voice (Sam Alty)


This series of exercises in the group is a very good preparation to feel your inner body, and the energies inside and outside.

One at a time is standing in the middle of a circle. The others simulate a shower. First sweeping with the hands along the body from the top to the toes, while making sounds of running water. After a few rounds the outer ones in the circle simulate a soap in their hands, washing their hands, and then rubbing all the body in the middle with soap from the top to the toes.
Then a next round with water, washing down the soap. The last round simulates the dryer: everybody blows towards the one in the middle, again from top to toe. Then the next one can enter the circle. [...] 

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